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  1. It says on the velocity (111) warning label....Complete atleast 50 ram air jumps before jumping this canopy (on a canopy that is one size bigger). And here everyone says it takes 500 jumps, so whats up with that?
  2. i am no rigger but my initial thought is if all your lines are in trim, then the steepness should be in trim aswell.
  3. i also have tinnitus and it the most annoying thing in life, i am curious as to why all of us skydivers are getting it? Altitude changes, loud turbines, who knows but it would be nice to help other skydivers prevent it before they hear the god awful ringing too..
  4. While we are talking about hypoxic let me add that they ROCK!!!! I was at the DZ this weekend to find that a dog had chewed off my indicator light, well one call to them and they are shipping me out a new light free of charge!!!! How many companies you know of do this? This company definitely takes care of their customers!!!
  5. hey thanks, i was assumming it would be under all their category's, most website have contact information in their listings...and yeah i didnt really notice the tiny print at the very bottom thanks for pointing that out!!
  6. hey i was checking out hypoxic website (maker of the hypeye) and they dont have any contact information. does anyone know how to get in touch with them??
  7. There's the problem right there. When you challenge them on it, of course they're going to say that they would like to do it, because otherwise they figure you'll think they're a wimp. So quit trying to talk people into it. If the subject comes up, answer questions, describe how much you love it, whatever. But don't be pushy about trying to convince other people to join you. well while i do push towards the "everyone should try it once" theory, i also usually state that you should NOT do it if you do not have the want to, i mean lets face it i know some people do not see the fun and amazing side to this and i would tell those people they shouldent try it then. But for those that want to but are hesitant on the unknown, those are the ones i usually try and talk into coming out to the DZ if nothing more than to just check it out.
  8. when you attend a party or get together with your non skydiving friends, everyone wants to jump or "would do it" but no one ever actually does do it? Do all the guys want to look tough and talk a big game in the moment? It seems i have talked this talk with alot of my non skydiving friends, trying to talk them into jumping. You would think that someone who always says yeah lets jump would eventually make it out after so many years of saying it but No. this is what brings us skydivers close, sharing a sport with each other that you cant convince anyone into trying, they have to want it for themselves and at the minimal risk of your life. so thanks all who share this sport with me, it would be boring doing only solo's
  9. When i did my first tandem i knew it is something i wanted to do. Well then i started coming on here, to which a month after my first jump, i read on the incidents about the instructor i jumped with died. This happened a month into this sport. We all know the risk before that first jump, this is a big boy sport and if you cant handle it get out!
  10. How do you beat your competitors?? well its easy if you are your own competitor!! i was looking up places to jump around my area, funny how many different companies numbers go to the same people. i called these different places and ended up on the phone with the same guy, Even though its Skydive Macon , their isnt a skydive macon and he wants to send me to this one place in cedartown.....interesting. So is this a scam or a marketing genius??? Why just advertise for your dropzone when you could make up a Skydive for this area then when you call we will send you 2 hours to here instead!! www.skydivingmacon.com www.soaringsports.net www.1800skyride.com www.skydiving.thrillplanet.com
  11. Not the same thing. A USPA dropzone is a dropzone that has chosen to pay the fee to join the USPA Group Member program. A non-USPA dropzone is a dropzone that has chosen not to pay the fee to join the USPA Group member program. Jumping at a non-USPA dropzone does not mean it's a bandit jump. exzactly, so i guess the question is...... if you had a non uspa dropzone, what would they still need to be a legal dropzone?
  12. So whats the difference in uspa dropzones and non-uspa dropzones? What does a dropzone need to have to legally run and take jumpers, including tandems? Could a private airport take jumpers with no more than a notam and permission of owner, to land?
  13. hey all while i have never loved a sport so much in my life there are a few things about the sport that i dont like. I remember someone's interview in parachutist, and the question came up, what dont you like about the sport? The answer was.....The Egos. I found this to be a very spot on answer. I notice the smaller the canopies get the bigger the Egos and attitudes. Now for what i dont like about skydiving... the number one thing that drives me crazy. I really really hate it when someone talks about my skills (always someone with a lil more jumps than me, of course) and says oh yeah blah blah dont jump with him he cant fly. But the biggest kicker is they have never made one jump with me???? I can only contribute it to an ego problem? I fly just fine with a ball and other skilled people, how can someone really judge people that they have never not once seen skydive? well this is just one of my pet peeves. So what is it out of this fantatstic sport that you do not like?
  14. Yes it happened on one of my first jumps, it was a tandem. The harness was to tight especially where it comes over your shoulders in the front. This is more then likely the same that happened to you, The bright side is this will not happen in your own rig, they are more comfortable
  15. hello this past weekend i packed my first malfunction. i estimate it somehwere around 2300 pack jobs, and it was on a tandem. i am kicking myself in the ass over it though i know shit happens. so the discussion is about the mal, it was a brake toggle that i swore i stowed just like all the rest, but apparently the loop holding the toggle slide down past the gromet and on opening locked up where the toggle is soft preventing the line from unstowing. i know the TM did the right thing cutting it away because he is just fine. A few people have told me this has happened before, has anyone experienced something similiar?
  16. So... how many of you out there catch your tandems landing? I havent seen it on one dropzone, but then almost ordinary on another....so what about your dz??
  17. Hey my canopy needed a patch aswell. Mike G did a great job at patching it, and it was fairly inexpensive. www.chutingstar.com
  18. How do you let someone go that you love, because you know it will never work????
  19. so it says the dc3 game is available for free. but i looked over all the sites and dont see how to actually access the free game.....can anyone please share how?????
  20. So this week i had an extremely painful shoulder dislocation. I had to go to the ER and get it put back in place. I read that it can take anywhere from 10 to 16 weeks to fully heal (this is my whole summer skydiving season). it is my left shoulder which is my reserve arm. I also read it will never be back to what is was after this injury. I am just wanting to hear from anyone who has maybe been through this. How has it affected you??? Did it put any limitations on your skydiving even after you have healed? i really hope this dosent affect my skydiving career
  21. i put it like this...... I WILL guarantee all my pack jobs 100% when and only when the manufacturer of that canopy guarantee their work 100%!!!! in other words dont feel bad, all canopys have a label stating..you could pack a brand new parachute perfect and it still can malfunction.
  22. hey you always see a cypres for sale in the classifieds. On alot of the adds they say never fired. I was wondering.....does this make a difference on the price?? Would you think twice about buying a cypres from someone if they had said it has fired one time?? would it depreciate the value more than one with the same time left that wasent fired?
  23. Because a black person does not trust the white man with there life.
  24. hey i was actually thinking of posting a related question so i will put it here. If someone did mess with your rig, and it was found out. Would the police consider that something along the lines of attempted murder???? seeing as you screwed with a life saving device. just curious.
  25. This information is in the book written by Jack Herer, The Emperor wears no clothes.