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    Good skydiving songs

    Addicted by Bliss N Eso
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    Christmas present advice

    G3s are a great helmet but don't have the option of a cutaway in the event of an entanglement with the camera. If he is happy to wear an open face then this would be my pick - The helmet has cutaway options (very important for wearing a camera) and molded plates that allow you to securely fit a camera(s). The plate at the top front of the helmet is made especially for a Gopro so I wouldn't say they are not really the "best for this purpose". I have a Gopro2 and love it. I use it for all sorts of other fun and adventures other than skydiving and would happily recommend it. The new Gopro 3 is what I would buy if I was shopping for a new camera but I don't film tandems. If the long term aim is for him to fly outside camera on Tandems jumps then a different camera and helmet might be the go. There are plenty of others on here with tonnes of knowlege on full stills/video set-ups for jumpers that want to get paid for their efforts. No matter what camera you get, a G3 helmet is not the helmet you want to be sticking a camera onto if you have a choice. Your husband is one lucky S.O.B.
  3. Awesome Brian! Simple, cheap and effective.
  4. Have you tried using L&Bs altimeter tool to remove it? Apparently used to remove Viso II from their altimeter pockets without doing any damage. Don't know how well they work or if it will work with a Optima or not but just might save you a whole lot of grief and only $10.
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    Cleaning Helmet Lining;sb=post_latest_reply;so=ASC;forum_view=forum_view_collapsed;;page=unread#unread
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    Problems with GoPro 3 Hero Black

    User manual for the GP3 black - This may also help -
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    These are awesome goggles especially if you are freeflying. The high density foam keeps the frame off your face even when they are done up tight yet are still very comfortable. Have done over 100 jumps and are still like new. All goggles should use the same very durable high density foam.