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  1. Is this the mount your talking about it's the "Super Go Pro Bracket". I get all my Tonfly stuff from Sonic at The Ranch Pro Shop! Below I left a link hopefully it works, PM me if you need more details. http://www.tonflyusa.com/skydiving_accessories.php
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    Bridge Day 2010

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    Bridge Day 2010

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    Bridge Day 2010

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    Bridge Day 2010

  6. JarheadNYC

    Bridge Day 2010

  7. Just tried the same scam with me in regards to my Cookie Atomic Helmet. I also sent him additional pictures without watermarks of my helmet. Be aware if these surface again in the classifieds.
  8. I have one the camera box easily comes off and on I use it for fun jumping with the camera box off. If I want to video I just attach the cookie box to the padlock quick release on the side and attach (1) wire which is nicely hidden under the padding. For now here are the pics with the camera attached. I'll post some later without or you can check it out on the cookie site.
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    GeT SoM3

    Welcome aboard it's a great sport and it only gets better!
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    SkyVan Exit

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    Skydive Palatka

    Left NYC to go down to Palatka, Florida to get my AFF. The staff were awesome and very professional. Even with two days of bad weather I completed my AFF and were jumping with the local falling gators. Art the owner and his staff made me feel right at home. I always had my rig packed, gear available, & coaches willing to assist me on free fall & tricks. Eveyone was great locals giving me tips on freestyle exits and offering to take me to the Orlando wind tunnel to work on my stability. Overall I had the time of my life. I even had my own call sign one of the pilots used to shout over the air "Yankee in the air" everytime I exited the plane. Overall great staff & great times at Palatka I will make the trip again with friends that what to do AFF! The prices were also great for AFF, and jump tickets.
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    Sunset @ Palatka, Florida

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    last jump on AFF status