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  1. Semper Fidelis till the end miss you brother, I'll catch up with you on the otherside. Eternal blue skies! Live every day as it was your last, one day you'll be right!
  2. Welcome to skydiving say goodbye to your spare time and your kids college funds. As for your worries they are normal and will subside as you progress in the sport. Your coaches will give you the proper training and how to use your equipment in the event of a malfunction it will become second nature to you. As for gear Mikey G at ChutingStar is incredible and is always willing to answer all your questions. Also check out Art at the pro shop at Cross Keys he has a large selection of rental rigs in awesome condition which you'll probably be renting after your A license. He can also measure you for just about any rig you desire. Regardless take care of your gear and keep it well maintained and it will take care of you! Welcome to the sport! Live every day as it was your last, one day you'll be right!
  3. Shailesh we have a DZ Car Pool page on Facebook. I go up to the Ranch almost every weekend hit me up if you want to check out the school sometime. I'm also going up tomorrow Sunday 14, they have a great staff and lots of fun jumpers. I leave from the UES in Manhattan and leave the Ranch shortly after sunset. Welcome to the skydiving world say goodbye to your spare time and your kids college funds. Blue Skies. Live every day as it was your last, one day you'll be right!
  4. I rarely post in these forums but do spend quite a bit of time lurking getting information about gear and pertinent information regarding our sport. However this story has become viral and it's amazing to see the responses here on DZ.com... Lake Wales is a private business where management has the right to make decisions best for their interests. In this case a complaint was brought to their attention and they attempted to defuse the situation. The actions that occurred afterwards will have long lasting affects throughout the community. As for Eddie Bryant's actions I feel as anyone who decides to brand or tattoo themselves must have strong convictions to do so. He should of clearly been able to confront the person with the complaint and peacefully been able to verbally articulate his reasoning for this tattoo. But instead left and hid behind his social media persona, and has clearly given his lopsided version of the story that continues to change from one moment to the next. As for using your veteran's status for personal gain in your charity that is linked to almost every post you make it's appalling to say the least. As a veteran you must think of all the other's that willingly wore that uniform and made sacrifices that only we could understand, we joined to serve an organization bigger than yourself. It's disgraceful that you have allowed this incident to become a vendetta against any business fueling your personal gain, and smear the servicemen & women of this nation. I too served this nation and have combat action fighting the same nations you have. However I do realize that we do a job the protected will never understand and we don't expect any handouts or expect to be treated any different. My combat action ribbon & your combat infantry badge still requires a lift ticket to get on the plane to jump. So stop your drama because in time Sh@t always rises to the top and your self proclaimed BS on your site has holes all over it and it won't be long to your exposed and on the cover of stolenvalor.com... How have you helped those suffering from PTSD where are these donations going where is the percentages listed towards the foundation. Just take a close look in the morning in the mirror as your shaving you have to live with that person for the rest of your life. Actions speak louder than words on a blog and you might want to change some of your military photos they look as if it was a training operation rather than combat theater. As for the DZ's in the USA that continue to cater to our jumpers that require special need's like menu's to exclude pork products, no female's on loads, and require a male coach due to religious belief's it's getting scary. I here the weather in the middle east can be much better suited for DZ operations but as an American business owner you may encounter some difficulties. I'm afraid of what's next all I can say is I go to jump and avoid the drama. So go ahead guys & gals flame on, I'm sure I'll get quite a bit of flak about my post but it's my opinion, just my 2c. Blue Skies! Live every day as it was your last, one day you'll be right!
  5. Can't believe it's another year and I missed Rick Schindler's anniversary. Anyway make sure those assigned to the pearly gates are squared away. Miss you brother hope to see you on the other side so we can fly again one day! Semper Fidelis! Live every day as it was your last, one day you'll be right!
  6. I have a CX100 and love it. Although I just bought a CX110 for a new camera helmet setup and just jumped it this weekend gotta say I love it smaller & lighter great video. Only bummer is that the memory card slot is on the bottom of the camera, other than that gotta say happy so far. Can't help you on the newer CX models :( Live every day as it was your last, one day you'll be right!
  7. I love my Tonfly CC1. The helmet is one of the lightest on the market, great construction love the converter mounts, gives the flyer many options for numerous camera positions and quick camera changes. Never used Rawa so I can't help you but looking at the newest camera design it looks like they are trying to replicate the Tonfly 3X design. Just purchased a Tonfly Shark flattop camera helmet and currently building that setup will post pictures after completion. For now here is my Tonfly CC1 with a few different setups. Good luck on your decision but Tonfly CC1 is a bad ass helmet! Live every day as it was your last, one day you'll be right!
  8. Is this the mount your talking about it's the "Super Go Pro Bracket". I get all my Tonfly stuff from Sonic at The Ranch Pro Shop! Below I left a link hopefully it works, PM me if you need more details. http://www.tonflyusa.com/skydiving_accessories.php Live every day as it was your last, one day you'll be right!
  9. Like everyone is saying the crew at Liquid Sky are awesome and they are currently expanding to the West Coast which may cause a slight delay. In addition it's the summer and Liquid Sky is out promoting at local DZ's ran into Julio at STF for the Good Vibes boogie and ordered another suit measured by the man himself. A week later his assistant & himself emailed me to confirm the order and a estimated production date. Anyway you can't rush perfection you'll love the suit! PM me if you need any contact information. Just my 2c! Live every day as it was your last, one day you'll be right!
  10. Thanks for sharing the video! Live every day as it was your last, one day you'll be right!