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  1. Thanks! I'll be sure to do that Yea I took a look at it and it was very helpful. I'll be sure to refer back to it when I look into buying gear
  2. I gotcha. That definitely seems like easiest route to take. Thanks
  3. I definitely hold a lot of weight in my thighs which could be a problem. Other than that everything is pretty much average. To be honest I'm not entirely sure how I weigh what I do. Also, I am not aware of the escrow process. Any clarification would be great. Thanks for all your input guys I appreciate it.
  4. Sup everybody. I'm a 20 year old bachelor from south jersey who jumps out of Cross Keys. I got my tandems out of the way and plan to start AFF within the next two weeks or so. I have a few questions... 1) I'm not sure how to phrase this without probably sounding odd but I'll wing it. I've been told that it is common to have nightmares about malfunctions and whatnot prior to jumping solo. However, my nightmares are not about the mals and death in particular but ending up as a paraplegic. I guess it's because my goal in life is to become a state trooper and god forbid something went wrong, that goal could never be accomplished. My question is, is there anything that people do other than just "getting over it" to move past this fear? In no way will it stop me but I'd rather it just not be there. 2) After I get my A license I plan to buy my own gear. I would like to get a lot of it used however it doesn't help that I'm a solid 5'11 and 205 lbs. I've lurked in the classified section for a while and noticed that the vast majority of gear for sale wouldn't fit me. How easy is it to find used "big boy" gear? I appreciate any help. Mike