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  1. I did my first tandem yesterday and excited to start my IAF soon. 1) question on ear safety: while free falling during my tandem my ears where hurting quite a bit because of the air rushing inside my ear, I wasn't wearing a helmet. So should I wear ear plug in my upcoming jumps ? Or helmet would help? 2) question on breathing: May be because it was my first jump, I felt a little short of oxygen up there for my brain. any suggestions ? -Cheers Shailesh
  2. many thanks for the input guys. Ranch seems to best bet based on reviews and distance. I'll give them a call. - cheers
  3. Hey all, this is Shailesh from New York City. I did my first sky jump last year in summer and this summer I am planning to get certified for solo jumps. I would like to know good schools around east coast where I can go for training. - Thanks Shailesh