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  1. skydiverbry

    Did I get Sunburn?

    I used to jump alot out in the state of Indiana. I noticed on some days when the sun was out but not that bright my face would get windburned (open face helmet) Never moisturized though just kinda sucked it up......but at first I was thinking I was getting sunburned. I mean there's nothing wrong with applying some moisturizer I just never did. Bry
  2. skydiverbry

    Do I make enough $$ to jump?

    Are you licensed? Do you have your own gear? IMO these were the things that cost me the most in just "getting into the sport? How much are you willing to sacrifice in order to purchase those jump tickets? How close is your nearest DZ? All these will p;ay a BIG part into weather to want to sacrifice other things in your life in order to jump
  3. skydiverbry

    Heading to Ocana, any tips??

    Have fun , be safe, and learn as much as possible
  4. skydiverbry

    Terrified of the wind tunnel

    If you're that scared of the tunnels just stick to the real deal and keep jumping outta them there airplanes
  5. skydiverbry

    Hello from the coal region of PA!

    Welcome to the forums!!!
  6. skydiverbry

    better arch

    Try relaxing more and allowing the wind to put you into a "Natural Arch" Bry
  7. skydiverbry

    Classified ad_need advise

    Walk away Bry
  8. First forget about wing suit jumping...this requires you to be a licensed jumper. I have found that weight limit vary from dz to dz anywhere from 220-275lbs for a tandem. All drop zones require you to be 18 years old but some will waive the age restrictions with a parents signature,but none that I know of. Those over the weight restriction will usually require an extra charge. Where are you located at? A tandem jump is I think doable with the info you provided Bry.
  9. skydiverbry

    Hi, I'm Ian.

    Well welcome to the forums Ian
  10. skydiverbry

    Doctors info

    Not sure of any specific literature dealing with skydiving dangers as it relates to disabilities in general. What type of disability does this person have? Bry
  11. skydiverbry

    Noobiest Noob

    Welcome to the forums!!!!!!!! You seem to be well on your way to you "A" Bry
  12. I have bought and sold gear from here many of times without any problems. I just made certain that the person did have a profile filled out and a history of posting. For items such a chutes and containers I always used my rigger as a go between. Bry
  13. skydiverbry

    This is my resolve.

    Good for you!!!
  14. skydiverbry

    Why do people skydive?

    Sorry, The only thing I've got for you is why not skydive??? Bry