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  1. Silk fiber canopy produces static electricity sparks when streamering? Never heard of that one.
  2. Keep in mind that - in general- if you are inside and trying to look outwards, a bright white mosquito netting makes it hard to look through. Even more so if there is a light source from the inside. Better to go with a black, dark gray or od (olive drab) netting color.
  3. Sunpath used to have a retrofit kit. Size of harness is not a factor, but yoke size is. Must supply info- yoke A - B or C. (Helps to have a long soft stainless wire /steel "probe" gizmo to get it fed thru. Stainless steel wire is pref because it has lower friction and is very malleable. I made one and converted a few of them. Doubt I still have it.). Just follow instr in the kit info. as Golerk said. The hard part is the tight fit behind the neck area. Takes a bit of patience. I wouldn't use salvaged parts unless Sunpath no longer has kits to sell. My recommendation , after you have installed the new cable housings, get a new Sunpath Phat Daddy cutaway handle. Has a big round wood or plastic hard inner piece in the handle for a superior grip. Then follow Sunpath trimming instr. for the Lolon cutaway cable ends. Must be punctilious in this trimming measurement. Be perfect in trimming.
  4. Agree with Betzilla on both posts. I rarely tack on reserves. On mains - whenever it needs to be done. Didn't know Aerodyne & Icarus requires. Good knowledge. Thanks
  5. Besides attempting to solve a problem that doesn't exist, except on " one in a million" jumps - Consider: (What Doug H said) One rips to full length or, at least very unevenly. The other one doesn't. = result - dangling by one riser. Ram air parachute is now in a spiral from 3000+ feet to the ground, spiral tightening and becoming more forceful as time elapses.(as Doug H said). Jumper probably quickly passes out from the G's then fatally impacts the ground in a hard spiral.. No reason to assume each side will rip the same. In fact, in my opinion it would be unlikely to have both risers ever rip the same. My opinion: Very bad idea..
  6. I never jumped one. As I recall back then, few people were motivated to buy one because if it's poor performance. A slice of history to be sure though.
  7. Turns out - it is a crossfire 2 (not that it makes a diff) I'm working the problem out w/my customer.
  8. I am running into a blank wall to try to find USA authorized loft for reline of a crossfire 3. Their "Contact us" and "Help center" are endless loop - moebius strip internet frustrations. None of which actually allow anyone to contact the company or to get help. One refers to the other. That's it. This NZA website is a big nothing if you actually want to ask a question. Mark or Mel do you guys do this?
  9. Where do I send in a customer's Crossfire 3 for a reline? Have been accepted as a member onto the NZA web thing but can't crack the code on how to ask a question where to send a canopy for reline in US?
  10. I think Patrick DeGuaridon (sp) mde it look like a fun or desirable thing in videos. I always considered it to be kinda silly. The board doesn't actually do anything except move you along laterally. OK - it does that. But what is the attraction? Make a video? Try to look cool? No RW, no ...well...no nothing. A fad that never caught on for a good reason. A comic book (silver Surfer) character made into a discipline? Danger without a reward. That is how I view it. Feel free to think otherwise.
  11. Pretty sure jumped with Henry on the Texas State Record POPS dive at Spaceland. What year? Hmnn. A long time ago. I still have the 8x10 photo. The color photo appeared in some newspaper somewhere. I have that too. I remember him. Good guy.
  12. Cosmic. 80 degrees centigrade is 176 degrees Farenheight (sp). I agree. Cooking nylon at 176 degrees for a year and a half can't be good for it. Not realistic. You will laugh at this one: I actually put a pilot on speakerphone with a rep of one company with the 20 year (based upon age alone) service life. He asked if his parachute would fail if it was over 20 years old. The rep said that t wouldn't, then went into a (seemed desperate to me) explanation that amounted to nothing. We hung up and kinda laughed at the baloney throwing we had heard. (Recall the "Swoop Kerwin" tandem video where he explained the 'rarified air molecules' bs excuse for his passenger-surfing landing?) Even so, I told him to buy a new one, because of the factory policy of putting increased liability on the field rigger.
  13. I thought of that. Just haven't done it yet. Good suggestion. I have a printed notification from 2014 saying 20 yrs. The 15 is something new I guess.