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  1. OK, I guess my initial post was more directed at the people who immediately point blame at some upper level gov't faction, while dismissing the possibility that it was terrorists who did the whole job. I just don't see how it being an inside job made more sense than it being a job by terrorists... billvon: You think if terrorists just plain blew up the WTC and the Pentagon without using airplanes - we might have missed that? Do you think that every news agency in the US would have been filming the towers, and pretty much everyone glued to their tvs when they went down if airplanes hadn't been flown into them???
  2. I was reading the conspiracy theory and I thought of something that I don't think most people have really considered... We all know that the airplane's hit the the twin towers... we know of the pentagon and also pennsylvania. We know that the towers buildings fell, and strangely #7 also fell. Most accept this as fact because so many scientists can provide an explanation that sounds likely. (Airplanes brought the towers down). Conspiracy theory people believe the towers were brought down in a controlled demolition and that the entire event was an inside job, orchestrated by the PNAC, or some other upper level gov't group, justifying the invasion of the middle east and the expansion of the American "Empire". Here's my thought on this: I believe that Al Queda was behind the attack.... all of it I absolutely believe that there were explosives that were set and detonated that caused the 3 towers to collapse. That explanation makes the most sense given all of the facts of what happened that day. I believe, the planes were flown into the towers to get our attention. The towers were brought down as the real act of terrorism... They knew they would have the world's attention when they triggered the explosives that caused the buildings to colalpse. All by the extremists, not by anyone else Everyone seemed to dismiss the controlled demolition because the idea behind it was that it was an inside job... did anyone ever consider that it was a controlled demolition, except it was part of the terror itself?
  3. send it to rawa and have him replace the box
  4. opendns is awesome... good suggestion. Also, to rule out it being any weird setting issue on the mac, you can go to the network system preference and create a new location. click apply and that will create a new set of default connection settings and make them active. you can also use the network utility in the utilities folder to ping different websites and check for connectivity. You can also unplug your router (if you have one) and connect the computer to the modem directly. Anytime you switch the device that the modem is connected to you have to restart the modem, so make sure to do that. The issue could be the router not routing packets correctly and this would rule that out.
  5. Boot into safe mode and log into the Administrator account that appears. Many users never actually password protect that account. From there you can change all of the account passwords you normally see at the login screen.
  6. cha-ching... err... ka-plunk :-\
  7. I had a philips tv with the ambilight... 15 months after buying it stopped turning on consistently. A little research on the web showed a ton of people with the exact same problem. Not covered under warranty, parts backordered. While the concept of the above linked tv is cool, I'll never buy Philips again. :-\
  9. That should just have him guest lecture via the web and bypass customs all together. Simple as that.
  10. Marc, lighten up, I was just making a joke... don't make this personal and go questioning my ability to read, ok? Seriously now... the news is talking about it ok, feel better? Only said it was differnt. Greatly so. Can you read?
  11. broh, that is what they were saying... word for word. Turn on the tv and see for yourself! ok, maybe not exactly word for word LOL but at least they are talking about it. Next subject!
  12. Just so you feel a little better about your original post, I am happy to report, for your sake, that the major media outlets have been discussing the cost of the inauguration. Then they move onto the messages of hope, change, and unity that seem to be much more important to the majority of Americans. I know this because I have been watching the news all day... :-) I do not percieve anything. Look at the links. I already said I unerstand that it is donated moneies. They want to through money away I dont care. But, YOU DID answer the question billvon. You at least are honest as you nailed the reason. I defy you find one CBS, NBC, ABC, AP, CNN, MSNBC or any other snippet that speaks to the high cost and what good that money could do for charity. At least at the same level seen for Bush. It is your perception that is skewed by eyes wide shut......
  13. I'm selling a 550ex if anyone is interested...
  14. There are a bunch of really great photos in there... It was a little cold on saturday, right?