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  1. I finally got my A today! I went to a different dz because my usual one wasn't open early and I did a coach jump and a solo and got licensed!! Then I did my first licensed jump with my friend Chris. It was the best jump I've ever had!!!!!
  2. I still can't believe it, but I was signed off instructor this weekend! I had two great jumps and can't wait to get back up there
  3. I had one of those on my second aff and the first thing i said when i got up was, "i'm never jumping again!" But I went back the next weekend and jumped again. I guess all you can do is just learn from what you did wrong and try not to do it again.
  4. You sound EXACTLY like me! I started out last summer, did 6 aff jumps, then took a 5 month break. I was completely obsessed during the time off just like you. I was pretty scared for that first jump back so i just took it slow and did a jump where my instructor didn't release from me. It went really well and the next jump that day went even better. I think what you have to do is just keep picturing in your head what it will be like to have a great jump and then just go do it! If most of your anxiety is coming from being alone, repeat a level or just have your instructor go up with you and just hang out in freefall with no real objectives for that jump. If you take away the pressure of trying to perform certain tasks you'll probably give yourself a huge boost of confidence after that jump and realize why you love it so much. If you're having problems just going to the dropzone, just go one day and plan not to jump, just to hang out and watch. Most likely, you'll get the urge once you're there....i know i did! Good luck with everything and keep us posted!
  5. I didn't want to bring this subject back up but I think I have to because I've heard from a few people that jumpers from my dz read this and know who i was talking about. So, while I won't take back what I said about this person, i will say that i didn't post this to bash him in any way and i really didn't think that people who know him would see this or know who i am or who i'm talking about. I talked to him and he said everything he was saying to me was just because he didn't want me to quit and was trying to motivate me to keep going. He did apologize and he's not the asshole i made him out to be. So, because I put this out here in the first place and publicaly bashed him (not my intentions), i just want to apologize for something that was never intended to make people think he's an asshole. I did use some harsh words but that day I'd just had enough shit from him and had to vent.
  6. Any clue yet as to when it will be ready? Possibly April?? I'm keeping my fingers crossed
  7. "Anyway, what happened to freak you out or cause this fear? " I did my second aff jump at a new dz and had line twists then got lost and landed in the woods. I did get 4 more jumps in after but i have been noticably more scared since. That and most of my landings have been pretty bad. But i do realize that this is normal for students and i know i'll get better at it if i can do it more often.
  8. You're an ass! It's actually $100 for each jump, i can't carpool with anyone from where i live, and i am going back to it because i love it. I didn't quit...i put it on hold for a while, and it wasn't because i was scared!'re an ass. I think the two of you would get along really well.
  9. I have skydiving dreams almost every night and they're usually pretty good. I haven't stood up a landing yet but in my dreams i always stand them up but for some reason i'm always coming in really really fast and i get really scared but somehow i land on my feet and i'm fine. I had a strange one the other night though...i was jumping with an instructor but we were in space and i could see the earth really far away and my instructor was just flying next to me and i would throw the pc and it kept getting wrapped around my leg, so we would just stop the skydive and start over until i got it right. I never even landed in that dream.