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  1. the dates are... June 15th - 18th and the 22nd - 25th from 8pm to 1 am. ( last flight flying at 1) hour blocks only. Feel free to give us a call if you are interested. Blue Skies!
  2. Thanks Sean... it was a pleasure having you and your girlfriend at our facility. You did great...
  3. actually... SkyVenture NH is not the same. We are faster due to a few different things. We have a fiberglass diffuser, our turn banks are smaller and such. Our horse power is 1200 and we have had our tunnel at 196mph. We have no lack of speed here at svnh.
  4. We are open on the 6th but we will be closed on the 4th of July. We look forward to seeing you at SkyVenture NH
  5. Thanks John for your suggestion. In all of the posts that we have ever put out over the past 2 plus years we have always used SVNH. I guess we assumed that everyone knew that SVNH stood for SkyVenture NH. But I am glad that you mentioned that due to some people may not know that we are a wind tunnel. Hope you can come visit us sometime!
  6. SVNH is rolling out a Summer Madness sales specials during the months of May, June, August & more to come. If you are looking for an amazing price call us for more info. If you are coming to fly at SVNH and need a place to stay the Radisson is now matching the other hotel / motel prices. They offer a full health club, pool, massage, bar, free internet, sleep # beds and more! Please contact the tunnel and ask for Laurie if you would like a price deal at the Radisson. Joe Winters is here at SVNH every month for 2 weeks for some world class freefly coaching! We are growing and have added three new instructors to our staff. Greg Shelton has also been working at our tunnel every week. For those of you who know Greg he is an awesome coach and a great flyer! We love having his talent and personality at our tunnel. Don't forget to sign up and be our friend on facebook and you will get the latest updates from the tunnel. Look for us under groups. We are also now on jittergram. To opt in for text specials you can sign up by texting "jittergram1266" to 878787 or by calling 877-551-7711 from your mobile and enter...1266#. This is 100% spam free.
  7. Kind of hard to open when they say they have stopped constuction and all equipment has been moved off the site
  8. The air to air radio's do work well. We purchased them for our wedding in the tunnel and they did an awesome job! I have used them for coaching and at first it seems a little strange to actually hear someone talking to you instead of reading lips or looking for body or hand signals. But I have to say they do speed up the process. If you come to our tunnel and want to try them just let me know in advance so I make sure that batteries are nice and fresh. They are put into regular ear plugs. It does cut out a bunch of guessing and wondering what the person may be trying to tell you if you are not familiar with the coaching style. If you have any other questions I would be happy to answer them. Blue Skies!
  9. The camp is going well and we will have just 2 more days left and then back to the normal schedule. The freefly section of the camp with Joe Winters is AWESOME!!
  10. SkyVenture NH is hosting another camp... 75 plus hours. We will be closed to the public ( 3/13 - 3/18 ) due to the long hours that we are open. But if you would like to come by and check out this well organized camp and the world class freefly coaching by Joe Winters we will be open from 7 am to 10 pm every day.
  11. What is sad here is that one person seems to have an agenda and is trying to hurt a very large business by posting false info. I have been dealing with Ouragan Suits for 4 years now and I am still dealing with them. I just had a shipment of suits arrive and will be getting more in a few weeks. I LOVE the suits and the customer service is some of the best in the industry. So thanks Ouragan for doing such a great job and I look forward to doing business with you for many years to come.
  12. Thank you Joe.... your presence and your coaching was awesome as usual! It was a pleasure working with that group and they did a great job of organizing it. I look forward to the next camp also!
  13. yes... it seems odd to only be closed 3 hours a day! We are actually running 19 hours a day. The camp and campers are awesome. They are a great group and we are pleased to have them here at SVNH. It is also nice to watch the coaching that is going on.
  14. The camp starts Sunday the 9th for anyone that wants to come by and check it out and It will run for the entire week.
  15. SkyVenture NH will be hosting it's largest freefly camp yet. The camp will be over 120 hours in 7 days coached by Joe Winters in early November. Although we are booked out for the week, if anyone would like to come by and watch some world class coaching please feel free to do so. Blue Skies!