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  1. With a heavy heart I'm considering taking some time off the sport. I haven't had the chance to jump near as much over the last few years as I would have liked to so rather than let my rig sit around. Perhaps it's time to pass it along. My question is what it may be worth. The specs. 2005 Icon I5 container with about 400 jumps Triathlon 170 main Samrt 175 reserve Vigil 2 AAD 2010 never fired This is a fully articulated harness with hook knife. Not sure what else to say. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Sean
  2. So who's got them and why? I have been thinking of slapping one on but I'm not sure if it's really worth it..
  3. Ok so this is sort of a spin off from another thread but I was wondering where everyone stood on obtaining a coach rating. I know what it says in the sim. (100 jumps with a B license, 60 min of freefall time, Ect, Ect) But I was wondering what the over all consensus is. Do you personally think someone with lets say 100-150 jumps is really qualified to coach a new skydiver? To me this seems like it might be a bit too soon. Most skydivers I see with sub 200 jump numbers are still getting things figured out themselves let alone figured out enough to offer good sound advice to a highly impressionable student. It's not that I'm totally against it I just want to know what others think.
  4. As the OP Of this thread all I can say is I'm now proud to be a chuting star convert!! Mike was awesome to deal with. The service was great. Shipping was fast and I would recommend dealing with them anytime. I look forward to buying gear from you guys again. And as far as the big head thing goes I think with service like this and after reading all the posts here they may have to install another hanger door down there just for him!! LOL Seriously though, I couldn’t be any happier. Now I just have to have my local rigger install my vigil and other goodies and I'm ready to hit the sky. Thanks again!! ,Sean
  5. Like the title says I'm looking for some feedback on Chutingstar. I mean I don’t recall any bad posts or stories about them, but I'm not on here all the time. Also anyone know if they are offering any discounts lately? I'm ordering a vigil and some other misc stuff. And saving some money always helps. A dollar saved is a dollar closer to another jump! LOL
  6. Question: Do you still adjust it? Or once you figured it out are you content at the same setting.*** I have not had to adjust my setting in over a year. But it is nice to have the ability to adjust when you want to.. Me and the wife have different numbers by far. I'm at 90-100 and she's around 30 I think
  7. I have one. If I rember correctly I spent just about 2,000 for a queen. It is a bit pricy but, I love it! Once you figure it out it's great..
  8. QuoteAFF instructors do a Mr Bill with each and every Level one student. Once a good canopy is confirmed, the instructor off, freefalls a few seconds then opens his own main. If the main malfunctions, the student performs emergency procedures, if not, the instructor just grabs both of the students handles and says good bye. It's the main reason we have the student open so high. That's also why I love doing AFF level ones so much. I'm sorry but that is some funny shit. I almost spit beer all over my key board when I read that. LOL
  9. Ok I have two questions. I'll keep quick and simple. 1-Can you have a rigger change the battries in a cypress or do you have to send it in to have it done? 2-when buying a used rig how can you check if any safty updates or any other work has been required and if it has been done?
  10. Ok I don't get it. How do you delete a thread you have created? I just can't seem to figure it out. I have a feeling this is going to be one of those things that is right in front of my face but I just don't see it. I created a thread in the Gear and rigging section but after some in depth searching it is no longer necessary. (Funny how that works!) Now I just want to delete it.
  11. I like the one where the plane is still in the picture and your checking your alti already. Now that's some altitude awareness right there!
  12. I was just wondering what some of the more experienced people here thought of or heard about Aerodyne's Icon Sport i5 container. I was thinking of buying one used as my first rig but just wanted to get some more opinions about it. Everyone at my Dz jumps either a mirage or vector so they all had little or nothing to say. I have already read the gear reviews here and they seemed ok , but like I said I was just looking for some more opinions on it. The rig I'm looking at has a tri 175 main and it would be my first 7 cell canopy. (I jump a saber 170 now.) Again the reviews seemed good but I really don't have the experience to truly understand the differences yet. I started jumping last year and have a meager 50 jumps so far. 30 in the last two months. I'm about 185lbs out the door. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks -Sean-
  13. Damn man that's just cold! I wanted to do the same thing with you but got denied..
  14. From what I saw when I was there any of there tunnel instructors are more than capable of offering coaching on the basics of body control. You just have to let them know what you want to work on and they will be sure to set you up with the right preson. I went up a few months ago for my first time and was suprised at the great service and coaching help that was avaiable. You wont have any trouble getting the coaching your looking for when you get there. My instructor was a guy named matt. I would recomend him anytime but I'm sure there are many other good instructors avaiable. You can also contact them on this site. User name SVNH..
  15. That's waht I heard. There are a few dates coming up they are running it. I have a card with the dates but it's not with me right now. I'm sure you can contact them for more info..