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  1. Do you remember how much? Was it something you could buy at the dz?
  2. I am visiting Verona, Italy for a wedding and I would like to get a fun jump in. I was told I need USPA membership, my log to prove currency, my medical, proof of insurance. I had everything with me including my medical insurance card. Now they want proof that it covers skydiving and also the $ amount of my coverage. Is this required at all dz’s in Italy?
  3. ripcords

    Winter Jumping

  4. ripcords

    From Tunnel to Sky is free to join and tunnel fliers can get signed off for each skill as they demonstrate proficiency in it.
  5. ripcords

    Almost 25 Years Later: Some Hazards of Resurrection

    Nice article Larry. We are finding an increase in jumpers just like you and this is a good article for them.
  6. ripcords

    Skydiving Kiwis

    What a fun, friendly and safety conscious environment for jumpers of all experience levels. From the moment we walked through the door, Pearce made us feel right at home and showed us the beautiful Cessna tail wheels they use for lifts. Brian took the time to make sure I was thoroughly briefed. Sophie signed me in and Lee put a lift together so I could get in the New Zealand skies. Brian organized a skydive that was appropriate for all of the levels of sport jumpers that were on the lift. It was obvious that they all have a passion for the sport that gives this place a great vibe. Having been jumping for over 33 years I have been to many skydiving centers, and this is one that I would gladly return to. Cheers and thank you for a fabulous time. My only regret is that I didn't have time to stay and make more skydives.
  7. ripcords

    Florida Skydiving Center/Skydive Lake Wales

    We were so disappointed. Lake Wales used to be a top notch skydiving center, but the focus is solely on tandems now.
  8. ripcords


    I love my Infinity rig. The company's attention to detail is impeccable and their customer service has always been superb. The rig itself is very secure, attractive and comfortable. From a rigger's point of view it is well made. I would definitely recommend it.
  9. ripcords

    Above the Poconos Skydivers

    Tandem skydives are our only first jump. Other rates listed are for advanced training jumps. Up jumpers rates are $1/1000 ft plus $12. You choose your altitude between 3K and 12K. Open Thursday and Friday after work. Weekends all day, all year round. Run by Don Kellner, Guinness Record Holder, Most Sport Parachute Jumps. Safety, fun and lots of skydiving!