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  1. I just bought my plane ticket out for the sit-round. Be there!
  2. I think it'd be a great idea to bring back the head up challenge/work on building bigger and bigger "all-head up" sit-rounds, but that doesn't mean that these belly to sit rounds Amy is organizing aren't bad ass too. In fact, I'm a huge fan : ) I'll do my best to make it. I certaintly wouldn't want to miss another go at it! (even if it means flying out from Florida on back to back weekends)
  3. I am in! There is no way I would miss this year's attempt, as last years jumps were such a great experience. I'm flying out on Friday and I'll register as soon as I get there. Can't wait to see everyone and build this sit-round!
  4. Team Solstice is a 3 way freefly team, training out of Eloy. 2nd in open class last year - competing in the world meet and open class at nationals this year. As soon as I find teammates and the time, I will be a member of a 3 way freefly team Also, I don't think a low number of replies to a DZ.com post should justify thinking that "no one is competing" this year."
  5. Hi Tom, I hope you're having fun right now. I still think of you very often, seems like almost every day. I was nervous as hell on Dec. 30th this year as I was about to make my first jump at this year's boogie. So nervous, my friends could feel it, but once I got out the door I had a wonderful and safe skydive. The boogie was great, and Ficus and Ego decided they were going to show up and surprise me on the 31st, just when I thought no Byron folks were going to show. Your death changed my life in many ways, but it prevented almost certain tragedy, and terrible changes, and when I think on all I've done, felt, experienced, accomplished, since that day. I say thank you to you. Blue Skies my friend... Ilea
  6. Great people, great flying, great day. It was awesome all around : ) Wonderful attitudes by all and fantastic organizing.
  7. I didn't know JP very well, but I do know that he was a very caring, very loving person. At Tom's SNOT he gave me a huge hug and had many kind words to say. My condolences to the family and Byron Love to all.
  8. I lost my LP virginity last year and it was better than I could have ever imagined. I will do everything I possibly can to make it. The only way I won't be there is if the military says otherwise. Blue Skies, Skydiver Blondes, and Byron Love Always... -------------------- Amazon Beachbum - trying my damndest! Bigsky BirdWoman (& Mr. Feisty) Bolas (somehow, someway) Bozo da featherless 1 ebusto ericthered grimmie Guppie01 Ian Harrop JasonRose Karenmeal (With Jeff in tow) kharkness - Count me in this year Labrys Lauraliscious Laura J, Esq. Livendive madjohn McBeth monkycndo NDfallrate NWFlyer SeaKev Selbbub78 (tentitive again) Shell666 TallGuy The Newlyweds - Shannon & Jim The Outlaws TheStepchild 'tree Turtlespeed Tx Tom vdschoor Wonderwoman07 (military permitting) The other Newlyweds - DrDive and Ladydyver
  9. 1) Skydiver Blonde! 2) Rum Booty (Root Beer and Capt. Morgan's) 3) Coor's Light
  10. I can try and put something together for patches. If anyone has input, please let me know ~ilea
  11. I'm there ---------------------------------------------- thanks to Tom...goddammit.
  12. He was a respectable gentleman. Always very respectful