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  1. wonderwoman07

    20-Way Sit Round Record Breaking Attempt

    I just bought my plane ticket out for the sit-round. Be there!
  2. wonderwoman07

    20-Way Sit Round Record Breaking Attempt

    I think it'd be a great idea to bring back the head up challenge/work on building bigger and bigger "all-head up" sit-rounds, but that doesn't mean that these belly to sit rounds Amy is organizing aren't bad ass too. In fact, I'm a huge fan : ) I'll do my best to make it. I certaintly wouldn't want to miss another go at it! (even if it means flying out from Florida on back to back weekends)
  3. wonderwoman07

    15-way sit round attempt at Skydive Arizona ---COME AND PLAY!!!

    I am in! There is no way I would miss this year's attempt, as last years jumps were such a great experience. I'm flying out on Friday and I'll register as soon as I get there. Can't wait to see everyone and build this sit-round!
  4. wonderwoman07

    how many actual 3-way teams are there out there now?

    Team Solstice is a 3 way freefly team, training out of Eloy. 2nd in open class last year - competing in the world meet and open class at nationals this year. As soon as I find teammates and the time, I will be a member of a 3 way freefly team Also, I don't think a low number of replies to a DZ.com post should justify thinking that "no one is competing" this year."
  5. wonderwoman07

    Blue Skies Tommy D

    Hi Tom, I hope you're having fun right now. I still think of you very often, seems like almost every day. I was nervous as hell on Dec. 30th this year as I was about to make my first jump at this year's boogie. So nervous, my friends could feel it, but once I got out the door I had a wonderful and safe skydive. The boogie was great, and Ficus and Ego decided they were going to show up and surprise me on the 31st, just when I thought no Byron folks were going to show. Your death changed my life in many ways, but it prevented almost certain tragedy, and terrible changes, and when I think on all I've done, felt, experienced, accomplished, since that day. I say thank you to you. Blue Skies my friend... Ilea
  6. Great people, great flying, great day. It was awesome all around : ) Wonderful attitudes by all and fantastic organizing.
  7. wonderwoman07

    John Kelly, Jr - JP from Byron

    I didn't know JP very well, but I do know that he was a very caring, very loving person. At Tom's SNOT he gave me a huge hug and had many kind words to say. My condolences to the family and Byron Love to all.
  8. wonderwoman07

    Lost Prairie 2007 40th Anniversary Boogie

    I lost my LP virginity last year and it was better than I could have ever imagined. I will do everything I possibly can to make it. The only way I won't be there is if the military says otherwise. Blue Skies, Skydiver Blondes, and Byron Love Always... -------------------- Amazon Beachbum - trying my damndest! Bigsky BirdWoman (& Mr. Feisty) Bolas (somehow, someway) Bozo da featherless 1 ebusto ericthered grimmie Guppie01 Ian Harrop JasonRose Karenmeal (With Jeff in tow) kharkness - Count me in this year Labrys Lauraliscious Laura J, Esq. Livendive madjohn McBeth monkycndo NDfallrate NWFlyer SeaKev Selbbub78 (tentitive again) Shell666 TallGuy The Newlyweds - Shannon & Jim The Outlaws TheStepchild 'tree Turtlespeed Tx Tom vdschoor Wonderwoman07 (military permitting) The other Newlyweds - DrDive and Ladydyver
  9. wonderwoman07

    What is your favorite alcoholic drink? Or top 3?

    1) Skydiver Blonde! 2) Rum Booty (Root Beer and Capt. Morgan's) 3) Coor's Light
  10. wonderwoman07

    Memorial Contributions for Tommy D and Cliff Heller

    cool, nevermind then
  11. wonderwoman07

    Memorial Contributions for Tommy D and Cliff Heller

    I can try and put something together for patches. If anyone has input, please let me know ~ilea
  12. wonderwoman07

    Skydiver Night Out in Walnut Creek

    I'm there ---------------------------------------------- thanks to Tom...goddammit.
  13. wonderwoman07

    Collegiate Nationals 2006

  14. wonderwoman07

    Blue Skies Tommy D

    2 more
  15. wonderwoman07

    Blue Skies Tommy D

    He was a respectable gentleman. Always very respectful