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  1. Check out Squirrels 6 grommet slider, could be the answer to tension knots.
  2. What are the internal ribs made from on the Strix ? Thx
  3. For me, it was the Tonysuit bird series that really changed things.
  4. Is anyone using these and what do you think of them ? Thanx http://www.julbousa.com/mountain/tensing-flight
  5. Curious what the modifications were ?
  6. The only thing you can do is to pull the legwing forward and try to pinch it between your knees - nice recovery
  7. Thanks for posting - I've ws'd KA's a bunch and I always square up in the door, knees together , elbows in and look at the wing while I exit - keep everything closed for a good 2 seconds - also watch out for your legwing - at 1 second in you can watch it scrape across the door and plane
  8. If you haven't already , check out the book "learning to fly" by Steph Davis ,she talks about her life and journey into ws base .
  9. yeah , but it's a cool feature to have , especially in lifting conditions, where a 3:1 at 80mph will yield a higher effective glide than a 3:1 at 120mph
  10. Was wondering if the Colugo and Aura get more floaty like the TS xbirds when you kink your elbows up ?
  11. That's a great question. When proxy flying you have to dive the suit below the suits trim angle in order to generate speed ,which can then be converted into glide when needed.There are a few different ways to dive the suit that I use - raking the arms back , lowering the chest by bending at the waist, lowering the chest by bending at the waist and then matching the leg wing angle to the chest angle. The one thing that proxy videos don't show very well is just how steep the terrain that is being flown actually is.
  12. I'm curious if the new V's will be using a solid cross ported internal rib structure as compared to the mesh ones used on the V4 ?
  13. It's a small price to pay for the gift of flight. I can only thank all the manufacturers who build the gear that allows me to realize this dream.
  14. Done a few out of Longmont's KA (The Cannon) as well. Poised - keep it tight, let the air tell you when to open up.