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  1. Could you elaborate a little on that ? What kind of improvements have you seen ?
  2. P-dro

    Big suits

    I jump a Ghost 2 and I have for a few days a demo Venom. It's is significantly more challenging at pull time, you have more fabric and the grippers to deal with. it's important you have a well rehearsed pull sequence. But with your jump numbers, shouldn't be a big problem...
  3. Aaaaaah, now we're talking !! Basel World anyone? I have a soft spot for watches AND pocket knives.... But great watches are insanely expensive (I dream of an Urwerk, probably won't happen in this life)
  4. I got the feeling that some here are making the assumption that a watch (a real watch) is about having the time. it's a side benefit, nothing more...
  5. The real question is "what's the point" ? Crossbraced canopies are bulkier, more expensive... You don't need a crossbraced canopy at such a low WL... you'd probably get similar results with a Crossfire or a Katana...
  6. I prefer landings on the Sabre 2, I like the openings on the Safire better. YMMV. No Vectran from PD, HMA if you ask.
  7. The canopy in itself is amazing (especially the openings!) and if I were certain to do a minimum amount of jumps next year, I may have kept it; But even if it's less radical than other crossbraced canopies, you still have to be on top of things otherwise it's going to get ugly very fast.
  8. I still disagree with this, as line length is used by canopy designers to affect the recovery arc of a canopy. I completely disagree too, I recently changed from 19" to 22", and the difference is recovery arc is clear. I suppose the impact must be different on different canopy, though... I guess the transition between short to long risers must be more noticeable than long to very long too....
  9. Hi Sangi, I juste discovered the tragic event that followed our last exchange here. I wish you a full recovery, and I know you will be a different person from now on. You've been given a second chance, make the most of it. Hoping to see you back in the sky some day....
  10. For information, I have 1010 jumps, two canopy coachning course, and I am sending back my brand new JFX (coming from a Crossfire 139) because I am not ready, and my next season will be reduced since my FS team split. I am coming back to a Sabre 2 135 as long as my jump per year doesn't exceed 150...
  11. I'm sure that at 200 jumps your canopy skills were spotless, not to mention HP landings... My canopy skills were, like today, a work in progress. I changed my canopies and my WL along the way. on each size I put 150/200 jumps, trying different models when possible like Katana 170 or Xfire 169. I was certainly not doing HP landing, I waited after 500 jumps to try.... after 800 for more than 180, I am a pussy I admit it (but I never hurt or scared me, even in difficult landings outside the DZ....) Beyond the obvious security reasons, the Katana is a bad canopy to learn on, because it is so ground hungry and the risers are so soft that you will always get some speed, no matter how bad your technique is. A Crossfire is more demanding and more forgiving at the same time. You could try a 119 that could be a could compromise even if it's already a very aggressive choice (but better aggressive than suicidal). I think you have some potential, because you haven't killed yourself even with your lousy technique. Try to explore and develop it, you'll have fun along the way and you could even become a very good canopy pilot if you don't let you ego blind and ultimately maim or kill you.
  12. Sorry, you are completely wrong. The proper technique can provide solutions to those "problems".... Please do learn. I watched your videos, and my eyes started to bleed, because right now your flying sucks big time.
  13. P-dro


    Correct Cypres has a specific 2 pin container cutter, but I don't know the differences with the 1 pin cutter.
  14. Oh really? what kind of answers have received people complaining during these years exactly ? Don't you think that a canopy that opens decently without hurting it's owner is a bare minimum ? Testing is best done BEFORE releasing the canpy. And come on, within 3 or 4 year, you can design a whole new canopy..... Don't think I have anything against Icarus (hey I am waiting for the delivery of my JFX today or tomorrow) but I do think that Icarus handling of these issue is not that great in my opinion (it's one of the reasons I chose a JFX over a Neos to be perfectly clear) It good a fix is realeased, but it's very late in my opinion.
  15. Yeah, impressive, only 3 years to react, amazing....