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  1. Holy crap this is a blast from the past... Do you think Clay's ban is over yet?
  2. There are some really old ones I like: one is where Danica Patrick parked in Dan Patrick's spot (because it was labeled "D. Patrick") and another is where the WWF wrestlers came in to run amok and were trying to convince them it was a real sport.
  3. A number of years ago, if you had a group to send the plane, you could call Skydive Chicago and get a cessna or something for jumping - but I haven't been there in a long time so I am not sure if they'd still do that.
  4. From my brief read, it looks to be aimed at things like bit torrent sites and stuff like that...not things like YouTube that has people posting infringing stuff all the time. As far as the US/non-US thing, from what I am understanding from this, I think they can go to the domain name registrar and take your domain name away, so even if your servers and business are abroad, your URL won't work.
  5. a couple of years ago a couple I know went as Price is Right contestants - they just made the front of the price podium and dressed normally. Simple and yet so awesome.
  6. I am curious to see what the Hawks do. I hadn't followed hockey much until a couple of years ago, and even then only got into it during the olympics and then during the playoffs. I saw a few regular season games last year and will probably watch more this year, but the team has changed a lot. Still, it'll be fun to watch Kane and Toews continue to develop together!
  7. Agreed - for one thing, what about the background? Still, pretty cool tech.
  8. I'd also nominate Edward Norton against himself in his bosses office in Fight Club
  9. Narrowing it down - my favorite Matrix fight scene is the one in the subway between Neo and Smith. Also, in Rocky Balboa, the scene at the end is great because they don't enhance the punch sound effects (though I love the cheesiness of the scenes in 1-4) and because, from what I remember reading, they'd occasionally hit each other for real. I think Tarver and Stallone sparred preparing for that as well.
  10. If buying time was his goal, wouldn't have it made sense for him to put up at least a bit more of a fight? After everything he goes through in the prequels (taking the story as a whole), it seems like a waste for someone to go out like that.
  11. My suggestion is to keep it inverted when it's just head-down flying but if you're flying with sit-flyers, then keep it right-side-up. Just a personal choice - I think that the view of a head-down flyer where they look like they're falling 'up' is awesome and really gives the video that 'we're really flying up here' feel.
  12. I think they showed this thing off at a conference recently:
  13. It instantly reminded me of Half-Life 2 for some reason. As far as 3-d, I am most curious about it for gaming applications. The thing I have read about gaming in 3d that I don't like is the drop in frame rate due to the fact the machine has to basically render two different perspectives to create the effect - from early reviews of the PS3 gaming, it appears that it's still better to play in 2d due to the loss of frame rate in 3d. I think Sony is working on a glasses-free 3d TV - I'd guess it's based on the same concept as the screens that will be used on the Nintendo 3DS - that has gotten very good early word of mouth. Of course, the trick is that for the effect to work sans glasses, the viewer has to be in a specific position relative to the screen. Not really an issue for the 3DS or cell phones that might use this tech - but it is an issue for a TV in a living room. Also, from the sports samples I've seen at best-buy of 3d - it looks sort of like depth was initially on the Super Nintendo - it looks like flat images on different planes. I am waiting for the tech make it look like the images on-screen have actual volume.
  14. Not aimed at you or anyone else specifically, but aside from looking at it from a purely statistical perspective, there's also the societal one: If you took a poll of a group of women that are considered unattractive by societal standards and asked them if they thought looking prettier (i.e. if they could change something about their appearance to look better) would increase their chances of landing a guy they would consider Mr. Right and then you asked a group of women that are considered attractive by societal standards and asked them if they thought looking 'worse' (i.e, if they would prefer to make themselves 'uglier') would increase their chances of landing Mr Right, I bet the answers in both groups would be skewed heavily towards becoming pretty/maintaining pretty rather than maintaining ugly/becoming ugly. (I know this is statistics in the poll numbers - I meant getting away from the whole 'more attention = more changes' just by purely a numbers perspective and actually accounting for tastes in the real world) It's not a secret that men are visual creatures - so while being pretty won't necessarily land Mr. Right, it increases the chances of making that initial connection or gathering that initial attention. While not always fair or accurate, there are stereotypes that do exist for a reason...
  15. I hope the Bill Hicks movie comes to the states soon - I really want to see it.