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  1. ugh.....ugh.....ugh....Nancy Reagan and seance....ugh.....ugh.... He needs to stick to the teleprompter.
  2. LOL! Good one! That push you, pull me Skybastard would make an interesting jump ship indeed!
  3. I moved back to the Portland area from Maui in January. Snow here yesterday too. 83 last Saturday. I miss Maui!
  4. always standard time in Hawaii, nice!
  5. The problem is that the optional deice system on caravans is not designed or approved for flight into known iceing, it is a 'get out of jail' system however it does give pilots flying illegally into icing conditions the confidence to try and fly through or climb out of trouble. This trap has caused the demise of many cessna caravans in the commercial (cargo) world - but may not have anything to do with this incident. Caravans are certified for flight in known icing conditions. There are several AD's dealing with the vans in the ice however. Basically, get the hell out if you find yourself in the ice.
  6. Condolences to the folks on the plane and their families. So sad.... I too am wondering what the weather was like as the A/C was transiting that area. Frozen precip? I worked on a fleet of Fedex 208's at Portland for 11 years. FX lost several Vans in icing conditions. A couple of them descended rapidly as this accident airplane did, they impacted the ground intact tho. The 208's are great airplanes in all operating parameters except for the icing issues.
  7. What's the difference between LSD and LDS? Ones a trip the others a mission.....he he he....DOH!
  8. If it aint Boeing, I aint going......
  9. Yes it is worth paying to see.
  10. jumped off the hanger at my granddads airport yelling "geronamo!"
  11. This was certainly a much better place 5 or 6 years ago. Happy BD anyways
  12. great news! glad the shooter wasn't hurt to badly. a woman in Portland recently killed her attacker with her bare hands (stangled his ass). the guy was allegedly a "hitman" hired by the womans husband. what a tool!
  13. actually, Pugs are but boxers are okay too
  14. The one with that little prick kid that had powers. He made the adults do what he wanted and if they didn't, they ended up in the cornfield. One poor fucker got turned into a jack in the box!