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  1. Hey Timber, small world, I am married to Phils daughter now, Norm Van Pelt, send me an email.
  2. Thanks Guy we got our shirts, and they are great, and the tranasaction was painless, thanks again, Norm
  3. Hey Sparky, I had the same thing happen to me, jumping Jimmy Tylers unit in a Hank rig, but I pulled out the trusty ole hook knife and cut all four lines from the right front riser, with one smooth stroke, and was then able to cut away, to find myself under a 21' piglet, I was then wondering if I had made the right choice. I thought the spinning unit might have landed softer, lol. Norm
  4. Some of them had Pilot Chutes, and some did not. Back when we had the two shot capewells, we didn't do cutaways. So, we used chest mounts with no pilot chute, we hand deployed the reserve with the malfunctioned main still out. I am glad those days are gone. Norm
  5. I use to hook my PC in high winds, and did real well with it, until one day, I missed just a little and tore my knee up pretty good. I got better results pulling the front risers down, until just before landing and switching to rear risers, Norm Van Pelt D5555
  6. There has been many people that have influenced my skydiving over the Years. But the biggest influence has to be Art Armstrong. He probably has kept me alive at least a half a dozen times when I was young and wild. LOL. Norm Van Pelt
  7. They also jumped at Lake Ming or very close to it, which is just out of Bakersfield, but there was nothing steady, just a couple times a month or something like that. Norm
  8. Hey Sparky, I went to that link to look at our dive for Dirty Ed, and I didn't see it, what up? lol. Norm
  9. There was also a competition model, which was called the Mark 3, but I don't know about the R mod, does it say if it is a Mark 1 on it, Norm
  10. I was wondering when you were going to take up for yourself Sandy, way to go. Norm
  11. Hey Sparky: How many total years of skydiving did you say was on our jump for Dirty Eds, dive, Norm
  12. Welcome to our family Nick, this is Norm, I was there when we brought you in Sat. Night, It was great meeting you. You will have to come up to Taft and jump with the Taft Trash soon, Norm
  13. Mine was a 28 foot 5 TU, with a 24 foot twill reserve. Norm