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  1. davey jones dead of a heart attack in florida this morning
  2. anyone know if Ed Cummings(Cummings Rigging Works) is still around??
  3. those were made by howard martin at seneca falls ny.circa 1976
  4. ripcordkid


    i was standing in my drive way in east palmdale and heard the double sonic boom. (and then listened to to echo as the sound wave travelled to the south to the san gabriel mountains. pretty cool effect).couldn't (or didn't ) see the shuttle tho.
  5. back in the day, Joe Smith told me that permanent magic markers all contain carbolic acid. joe said it, its good enough for me.
  6. i have only heard of this,but never seen one. is it a 28 ft lopo with 30 gores instead of 28 to make the color pattern symetric from side to side?
  7. last one built before paracommander production?
  8. just shooting from the hip here,but if it was me i would rather send it in to be checked rather than find out at 750 ft that it WAS messed up.
  9. the Chute Shop was started by John Higgins,Ron Edwards, and Harry Burlin circa 1963at the old Adams Airpark in Hopewell twp,near Flemington NJ. they movred to a shop on rt 202 near the Flemington circle some time after that. The Chute shop held the first FAA approval (PMA AUTHORIZATION) for altering (single doghouse modification)surplus round reserves .now known asNorth american aerodynamics or NAA, they occupy the old Steinthal plant in Roxburo,NC.
  10. this is an actual true story. tho small details may have been forgotten over the years due to aging braincells.... this happened back in the mid 70's at a very large ,well known corporate drop zone in new jersey(no longer in existance) a jumpship,carrying 9 or so jumpers,was climbing out after take something less than 700 feet the aircraft is losing oil pressure. the pilot turns and orders everybody out.first jumper (a student)makes a hasty exit and deploys his reserve .second jumper (also a student) exits and gets stable then deploys his main.he impacts during deployment .next jumper refuses to go and so the rest of the load stays with the aircraft .the pilot manages to limp the plane back to the airport and land.
  11. im someone who worked at paraflite early on and saw much of steve snyders and dick morgans work at the drop zone as a more than casual observer. Quote
  12. para flite and the us navy were working as early as 1973 to deign a ram air canopy that would hold up to the forcesc involved in deploying at something like 200 knots.John Matsuo from i think either china lake or el centro was in charge of the project.
  13. 28' c9 with a gary gore mod.Pound your round