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  1. I understand. I had a student so excited about her tandem jump she wanted to know what all it took to become a tandem instructor. Best of luck and stay safe!
  2. Come down to Louisiana and enjoy another Mardi Gras time jumping from our Caravan and get a free ride to the Krewe of Centaur Parade Saturday evening for those interested. We will start Friday February the 1st in the afternoon and go all weekend through Sunday. More info is on our Facebook page at facebook.com/skydivelouisiana Hope to see you there!
  3. February 10th at noon through Feb 12th.. We will be jumping the PAC 750. Saturday night we will take who wants to go...(as room allows) to the local Mardi Gras Parade and then return to the DZ for bonfire and party. We are located just north of Shreveport LA
  4. I just spoke to "Skydiving" and logic prevails on reasoning of its departure. As Sue stated they have been doing the magazine for a long time. Regardless of subscriptions being down to distribute such an interesting publication on such a limited staff has been quite an accomplishment. Words cannot be expressed on a simple post how we will miss this magazine. I wish everyone that has contributed to Skydiving the best for their futures. I will be contributing my refund (over $50.00) to a local charity in the name of Skydiving Magazine. Good luck and of course..... CYA!!!!! ps. if you did not get my goodbye ask someone who base jumps
  5. When you purchase life insurance you have to disclose dangerious activities. If you do not and you die with in two years they do not have to pay. IF you start an dangerious activity (skydiving) with in two years of the policy and do not disclose they do not have to pay. If you make it two years and then disclose the activity they can raise premium or not, usually they do not. If you die after three years and they find out you were jumping previous two years they can deny you. Message me if you need more details. As a former New York Life agent I wrote many skydivers. I know some inside scoop.
  6. If any south Texas or south LA jumpers in the area and can get online and would like to join us. We are having a hurricane boogie (last minute) On Friday afternoon in the Shreveport LA area. Then tomorrow night we will cook out and prepare for the rain. For directions or info go to www.northlouisianaskydiving.com This probably should be posted at events but with a day notice is why I posted it here.
  7. For those that are interested. First, I am a current New York Life agent and of course a current skydiver. Life insurance can be like a cheeeseburger that you buy. Some are better then others some have more stuff with them and you know it will be good because the place you by it from has been around for a while or a friend recommended it to you. NYLI has been around for a 160 years. Great company, but they still don't get the skydiving thing. I.E. if you get over 50 grand of insurance with us and are a skydiver we will send you to a re-insurance pool and you will get a standard rate. It is still a NYL policy though. Which, by the way, is cheaper then the rates the companies offer that U.S.P.A recommend. If its less then 50 you are rated and pay a per thousand flat rate. Laws on insurance are state specific. So you can get something somewhere else that you might not get were your at. The first skydiver I wrote even though we filled out the proper paper work underwriting did not rate him and he got a preferred rating. When, the next one came though they wanted to rate the second guy so I pointed out the earlier policy and they said they missed it but the the policy would still cover a death due too skydiving. So my buddy basically just got a discount b/c of company error. Check with a qualified insurance agent. It will not cost you anything and you will know were you stand. I can probably get you a quote if we have a New York life office in your state. Name, birthdate and gender can get it started.
  8. Did you take some pics..(ladyskydiver)..At the beer tent to be more specific. Looking for certain shots...
  9. Its me man. John Lee is getting everything set up. But you know how these things go, so your help would be greatly appreciated. Hate I missed WTS. Had a lot of students booked so I had to stay and work on paying for that plane, new engine and prop. It will be a great boogie. can't wait...
  10. J, I am shutting down for that weekend and coming down. I will also be bringing down a bunch of folks from north LA down as well. We are planning on doing an ash jump during the boogie to honor a skydiving friend that past away last year from an illness.
  11. Let me try this one; 1.Tandem Rating-500 jumps plus other ratings and course $12,000.00 2.pilot rating-private only, $3500, commercial $5000 3.plane and rig- lets say cessna 182 new engine low time 65,000(fact) tandem rig-avg new 9,800. 4.Daily cost running DZ- lets go monthly, $2000.00 low side. 5. Fuel for plane- once again C182, one load $2.50 AvGas per gallon 10 gallons one load $25.00 gas only. A naked hot chick doing any kind of skydive!!! You guess it!.......PRICELESS!!!!!!
  12. Its settled, someone needs to build a freefly tandem rig and have at it with another experienced jumper. I will be happy to read about it and see the photo's
  13. That reminds me once at bandcamp. Just kidding, really one time down in Houston some friends of mine were doing a pickup eight way and this young Dr. started telling us how to climb out, exit, fly our slot etc. She had good advice but the closest to her jump number was about 500 more then her. I know someone with eight way experience could know more then someone with 3000 jumps but this was a simple dive, not the case. It was kind of funny when she figured it out.
  14. I have always worked under the policy that if you are approved and go naked the jump is for free. The approved part I get the other guys on the load to cover extra expense. So they approve or not. I think fast Eddie is working on a naked tandem D lic.(I believe he is over 100)he would probably take you for free anytime.
  15. I want to play... I have done a tandem out of a cessna 182 wide and narrow body, C-180,195,205,206,208 and grand 208, Beech 18, DC-3,porter, Skyvan, Twin Otter, King Air, Queen Air, Bell 205,212,412 and a C-130. Thats all I think, log book not near by. Poor student position will put you in a side spin. Brief student on arching and if/when they do go fetal correct it quickly.