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  1. Man, when u will have a little bit more jumps, u find this sport very dangeros... Tandem pasanger felt out from Vector Sigma, be cause of bad instructor fitting and hard oppening. Pasanger harnes are adjustable. For Freefly, Freestile, you HAVE to HAD leg strap junction (!!!), very good condition for punch, and very tight main clossing loop. Acidental falling out of the rig can happened ONLY if you have accidental deploy or accidental canopie oppening! Mr. Zidris allready put small canopie inside this rig. If his man will ever fall out of this rig it is not because of back strap (waist strap) (be cause u have hands outside), but be cause of NOT PROPERLY CANOPIE INSIDE. To chance canopie up to 3th level lower, u HAVE to made some modification for main closing flaps (!!!). Main closing loop will NOT help solve this situation. Your rig allready to loose. To Fido: what i trying to tell. Manufacturers got messurm. made rig - well done. If they made this rig without back strap, or with one leg strap - this was factory mistake. Now this are dealer mistake. But sorry folks not after few years... ___________________________________________________ Speed is nothing without control
  2. Fido, there no such thing like "which side"... You can be novice with 17 jumps, but your can allways figureout do your rig fits well, or not. There no such thing like "it tooks 1.5 year for me to find my rig to big for me"... When i heard this story first time i thouth this are joke, or this guy just want to get half price for new rig... Man, whats its 1.5 year for skydiving?!! Everything is changing. Of cause if you not jumping a lot - this not big deal. But in this way, you could still jumping like this. ___________________________________________________ Speed is nothing without control
  3. U know, Lui, from the begining this story seems like "one side story", it hit me be cause i very like my Advance ADV0. I had a lot of rigs, some of them was comfortable, som of them - trash containers. I had a lot of problems with manufacturers (in USA especialy), and i know that good rigger can fix somethimes even better if some huge skydive gear factories. But, what i trying to tell you - it is not good idea to paste pictures of "my wrong rig" here. You simple harming skydive manufakturers, and in this way - your self. I can paste a lot (believe me) of pictures like this of diferend kind of rigs. Somethimes it is only looks "too bad", somethimes not. My honly opinion your rig is looseless, but not like "international problem". In this kind of fit your never fall out of the rig, in headdown u can - if u not close your chest strap tight. So, Mr. Zydris, please do not paste any more pictures of this story. Your harming all of us... ___________________________________________________ Speed is nothing without control
  4. Ok, Mr. "Know How to make rigs". Do you think rig have to fits like yours Lycra Jeens? I have a lot of bad things heppend to me be cause my rigs was to short for long years of skydiving - i hurt my back (you can hurt now if your back strap short), almoust dislocate my sholder etc... Anyway, all you trying to say there - thay your dealer trying to cheat all of your DZ skydivers? So where is the problem? It is only one dealer in the rest of the world? Why u dont try to buy PdF, Vector, Infinity, Mars, Icon Etc? And if you say dealer allready payd for reparing, where rest of the problem? Because of "bad emotion"... dont be silly indeed. His not responible for all of rigs ever maded. Ohterways a lot of skydiving dealers be in jail right now. So where your problem man? You dont like Advance rig, or just there something between you ant the dealer? And who let you jump with rig and canopie 139 sqf inside, which set for canopie 170 sqf??? Your DZ dont have safety staff, or what? And for the end - you have to know - that longest legs straps are for canopie control. Espacialy if you have fast one. If you doing hop/pop jumps - good idea to realyse a little bit yours legs straps. It will be easyest to handle your canopie. Be cause of center of weight etc... ___________________________________________________ Speed is nothing without control
  5. First thing - this rig was maded by Parafun. Next one - all questions was send to Basik air concept. (Two diferent companies). Parafun - not exist anymore. Guys from Parafun working in Basik. And ONLY because they are very profesional and nice persones - they agreed to fix this problem on half price. (actualy they had a lot of problems be cause of Parafun bancrupt... But they still working. And working well!). Imagine your self Mr. Lui, you have rig, jumping a lot with thim, having a lot shitty oppenings, impacts to the ground, water landings etc... and after few years you decide that your rig not fit properly anymore. What you will do? Do you will buy new one rig? NO No no... For what? You can start to asking manufacturer to make some rig fixations or sometging... or in the end "give me half price on new rig". THIS WAY ZYDRIUS DECIDED TO GO. But sorry folk. Wrong try. Third way - Zydrius start to send the letters only after Basik relised some Safety buls. .. What i can say, Mr. Zydrius, i know a lot of good persones in skydiving society - Basik staff for egz. And i know a lot of sux persones. In what side you are? For pbla4024 - do not to try explane for Americans who is Advance rig. They know only American stuff. And newer get Europien one. ___________________________________________________ Speed is nothing without control
  6. Hello, Zydrius. First i would like to say - i know this "long", like Zydrius said, story very well. I'm local from Cote D'Azur where Basik's are located. And i know these nice guys from factory!. Well custom made container you said - it is true, but do you hear something about "satisfaction guaranty"? No, newer? For example. Icarus Canopies S.A. have longest satisf. guaranty period - 31 day. If you buy new canopie and you find your self that canopie start to spining in "brackes released" position - you have 31 day to figure out this, and sand canopie back to factory. If not- your fucket up. By posting this treath your "forget" to say for everybody - that you send firs letter to factory about your problem after (!!!) 1.5 year you got the rig... It is funny is in it??? After couple of your "nervous" letters Basic's agreed thad will make repairing in "half of price"... This price was about 90 Euro (not 242 like you said, there was UPS shipping costs 150 Eur from your area to france). Next thing - you have maded more than 300 jumps with your rig. You have to know that after this time harness of your rig can become more looseless. Your risers can be longer up to 4 cm, your webbing can be lenger up to 5 cm every side. Next - your "forget" to say (if you diller right) that you put 3th level's smolest canopie in this rig... And you screaming about safety...... And to the end of this - Skydiving newer was cheap sport, and newer will! Especialy in Europe! Ourewouare. Merci beaocoup!
  7. Hello all of u, i have big question. I just starting jumping tandem (have about 100 jumps), in sky i/m freeflyer, it is possible(do some one of u try it?) to jump out with student in sit fly position? Thanx a lot in advance for all answers!