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    Is anyone here that was there when Don flew his MIG that night...the hundred foot fly-by over the big-top at over 500 MPH???
  2. The reporter said a quarter mil...holy shit
  3. yow - there's perfect forecasting. Though I'd guess the poor engine is no match for the prevailing winds - I wish the article had talked more about the flight and design itself. Here ya go. Kelpster http://www.progressiveengineer.com/profiles/maynardHill.htm
  4. Best - Robin Trower, Frank Zappa, Rod Stewart(...yes) Worst - Van Halen My girl friend at the time made me take her to see Rod Stewart in the early 80s. I really like him in the 70s, but couldn't stand him after he started doing the pop/disco thing...he rocked the house with everything from Maggie May to Stay With Me. Many older people walked out long before the show ended because he was rockin out so hard. Saw Van Halen when they first came on the scene, they sucked! - Black Sabbath (w/o Ozzy) opened for them and they were outstanding. Saw Head East and they were pretty good - after their show, the gave out free tickets to see a nothing band later that evening...that was Molly Hatchet!
  5. okayyyy...I guess that part of the movie went way over my head, but I can see exactly what you're talking about! What I took from it was more along the lines of a what-comes-around-goes-around kinda thing, or payback and irony. He commits crimes, payback is he goes to prison. He still doesn't really take responsibility for what he's done and wants to get our of prison before serving his time and is willing to subject himself the the experment. Payback is the experment really fucks him up. He was a horrible son to his parents, payback is his parents replace him with another son while he's in prison and he is out on the streets where he gets treated the way he used to treat others. The real irony came into play when his partners in crime became cops - and the fact that he wound up back at the HOME he victimized early on in the film. I thought he was going to end up paralized when he jumped from the window - that would have made me happy! Easy Rider was a great movie and a great story - you nailed it! Jon
  6. A six pack and a bottle of whiskey and I'm cleaning like a happy madman
  7. Good idea. Like I indicated earlier, I'm not much of a reader, but I feel like I need to be.
  8. Seems to be a common feeling around here...I think I will try to do a little more reading this year. I doubt this one will be on my priority list, though - maybe next year.
  9. I think I'll do that, Steve. NetFlix is totally cool.
  10. I, also, wondered if I had seen it 30 years ago if my take on it would have been different. I still dig "2001 A Space Oddesey", but it looks kinda corny now-a-days. +1 on "Singing in the Rain"
  11. You watched it on regular TV or unedited cable? After seeing him with the wire thingys in his eyeballs...you still had a crush..it's either eeek or maybe, how youuuu doin
  12. Watched it for the first time over the weekend and I'm trying to decide if I wasted 2 hours of my life, or if I need to watch it again. I found the story to be very slow moving until about a half-hour into it. I kept waiting for the "wow moment" and I'm still not sure I ever got it. I'm not saying it wasn't interesting...it just didn't grab me the way I thought it would. If you loved, hated, or was indifferent to the movie, tell me what made that way for you.
  13. ...looking forward to it
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    Why the hell is that people think no one can see them when they're driving their car - nose picking at 70mph...cracks me up
  15. Thanks for the jumpsuit, Bill I'll air it out this summer I agree with Robin...please share some stories! Jon
  16. instant acceptance is always granted by showing boobies...juz sayin
  17. ...well thank god some people got it...I was startin' to feel really old Didn't mean to hijack your thread, VB...I just couldn't resist Jon
  18. You, sir, have proven yourself to be an idiot...may I ask what kind of "small penis" pickup you drive...or is there a different vehicle that people with a small brain drive? Jon
  19. ...vibes for your little doggie, Wendy. I love animals and hate to hear when they're not doing well. Jon