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  1. Just wondering... having jumped at almost every dropzone in Texas... which do you consider the best, and why.... It's awesome to have sooooo many choices. Blues skies... be safe.
  2. I am super duper excited to attend the 8th Annual St. Patty's Day Boogie in Fritz.... Fun, fun, fun.
  3. I'm waiting ... Yeah...me too. I concur... you're gonna have to elaborate.
  4. I don't know of many dz's that don't have free beer, whether it is on tap or in the beer fridge. Skydive San Marcos has free Dos XX on tap, does free beer make a DZ? I hope it's their safety recornd and the quality of skydivers that make up their funjumper population. No one parties harder than me, ask anyone... I'm not sure that free haircuts and free beer make any dz a good dz... just my opinion, of course. I agree that there are some really good people at SDT, skydivers are cool people in general. I jump all over and have yet to meet many that I just didn't like.
  5. Skydive San Marcos is an excellent facility. They have nice turbine planes that are fast and well maintained. The staff is professional and the pilot has actually worked there for many years. I highly recommend them for their tandem services, AFF training program and fun jumper opportunities. The prices are comparable to all of the dz's in the area and they only charge $99 for the video and stills of your jumps wihich is not the case of all dz's. Some charge more for less. Anyway, you can get more info at www.skydivesanmarcos.com ! You can reach me at [email protected] if you want any skydiving info... Good luck and blue skies... Christie
  6. Terry Goode, the S&TA at Skydve San Marcos has some medical problems and is losing his vision... obviously, he has had to retire. If you would like to send him well wishes please email them to me at: [email protected] and I will forward them to him in a format that he can read. If you would like to make a contribution to his "earlier than planned retirement fund / medical leave" please call Skydive San Marcos at 512-488-2214, tell them you want to contribute to his fund and they will take your info and then get the funds to Terry.
  7. cstaffa


    The staff at Skydive 35 was amazing and friendly... the DZO or an AFF instructor actually made sure everyone, on every load had a jump partner and a planned skydive (who needs load organizers... the DZO, Ivan is a bad ass freeflyer too!)... No skygod's or cliques here, just an awesome dropzone with amazing people. They have a fast Grand Caravan through the winter and a King Air full time in the Spring...Skydive 35 offers a great landing area, nice bunkhouse and very, very clean facilities. I could go on and on but really, you should just go try it yourself..
  8. It will definately be in Fitzgerald, GA... for St. Patricks Day.... what info would you like? I am so definately there....
  9. I need a tube for a tube jam.... any suggestions on where to find one in a hurry? Also... any ideas of fun jumps and games to play at the tube jam?
  10. Skydive San Marcos would like to congratulate Jon MacHarg, Colby Mischefsky, Jim Burk and JT Gallinaro for successfully completing the USPA Coach's Rating Course last week! Great Job, we're sure that our funjumpers look forward to some awesome coach jumps with you guys. Coach's Ratings are an important and a great way for skydiver's to give back to the sport...
  11. Skydive San Marcos held the "Is This Really NECESSARY?" Freefly Invasion this weekend and had Aaron Necessary and Carrie Dawson out as freefly load organizers and they also offered free coach jumps. It is amazing to see how professional and knowledgeable they both are, yet they made the event fun too. Between the two coaches they made 18 coach jumps over the course of two days with skydivers that ranged from only had 40 jumps to those with hundreds... the emphasis was always on safety! Aaron & Carrie also led a safe tracking dive, a few hybrids and a couple of four way freefly jumps. Everyone had so much fun this past weekend because they learned from some really bad ass freeflyers and safety was the number one priority! Thanks so much for coming out guys and thanks to Skydive San Marcos for hosting the event!
  12. It's Wednesday... I am so very excited about the Freefly Invasion this weekend at my fav DZ... I hope there are lots of fun jumpers to make some amazing jumps with... I have been working on my sit so it will be cool to feel like maybe I know what I am doing... haha
  13. Good luck to you guys at Nationals this year... You've been training hard and I know the practice will pay off... Bones... we are really looking forward to seeing you at my fav DZ... Skydive San Marcos on Labor Day to organize some amazing freefly jumps for everyone!