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  1. I think it was the title that might have caught their attention certainly caught mine. Jon
  2. Well, somebody has to keep them young whipper-snappers in check
  3. I can't help but wonder if it has anything to do with the AFF thread...? Jon
  4. Sounds like a personal problem... Hey! I've been sick for the past 3 days!! I can whip you up a Chef Fallfast Peter Platter pretty fast...juz sayin Awwww.... isn't that sweet. But I've gagged enough the last couple of days so I'll pass. ...never said it was enough to gag on Jon
  5. Nick has some very good thoughts and contributions and experiences to share. Don't put the hammer on him. +1...all kiddin' aside Jon
  6. Sounds like a personal problem... Hey! I've been sick for the past 3 days!! I can whip you up a Chef Fallfast Peter Platter pretty fast...juz sayin
  7. OH damn...Her Hotness fanning the flames...that's kinda hot
  8. I find it hard to believe that Triple F could have been that good...video?
  9. Yeah, but somehow she found a way to make it up to me ...oh my
  10. Beware! More than one person has had serious problems at work over what they have posted here. PhillyKev is the one that jumps out the most to me
  11. I sure would like to know the reasoning behind thinking it's ok to open the door with a malfunctioning parachute onboard
  12. I love the Skitts but he's too young for me. ...perhaps sh...naw, nevermind
  13. O...you might have a rigger look at your line trim and brake line length. Something that really scares me about this is you saying you were starting your flare very high. If this continues to happen, make sure you are close enough to the ground before you finish your flare, so you don't stall the canopy high and cause a really, really bad landing. Jon
  14. [reply Qualen (John Lithgow) in Cliffhanger. Lithgow's done a fantastic job of playing bad guys over the years. +1 Fantastic job
  15. I still jump mine. A busted "A" line about ten years ago is the only problem I've ever had. Nice openings, although hard to get consistent on-heading. I have always used the slider stow for the steering lines and never had an issue. I'm not a swooper so I can't really say if it's good or not, but I've seen people swoop them pretty well. Mine is a 136 loaded about 1.3:1. I bought it brand new when they first came out. Jon
  16. This post was almost as disappointing as nippleboys...step it up Turtleboy
  17. I cant watch youtube at work.... ...consider yourself blessed
  18. I didn't make alot of jumps on on a PC, but quite a few on my Piglet. It seems like half the time we were backing into the DZ so winds around 20 I'd say. Jon
  19. You know that's simply not true...right?
  20. I'm so glad to hear you say that Drew...thank you for taking the time to make that outstanding post.
  21. fallfast69

    Half hour

    What's your new path gonna be???
  22. You don't really believe what you just wrote, do you? ...cause I sure as hell don't - and you better be one tough cookie to learn the lessons you're going to learn the hard way. I beg of you to spend some more time with your instructors before something bad happens.
  23. Just call them and renew over the phone...
  24. There are some things from the seventies that I had completely forgotten about...and that was one of them. WoWjust WoW