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  1. skybill

    Criss Morgan

    It was just a matter of our worst enemy...."Time".... Criss has had a bout of serious battles with his health lately... came down to a "Cerebral hemorrhage" a couple of daze ago and his sawbonez said,"He ain't gonna make it..." Criss went Trackn' up to that "Eternal Star" at 19:48 (EDT) on 05MAY2019.... this past Sunday!! Up in Va. he was stayin' with his sister... was just admitted to Hospice and he left us shortly after.. When he was still down here in Louisiana I was fortunate to visit with him... 'Found out from Sandy Callahan that he was in "Port Allen!!" just across the bridge from Baton Rouge... I'm in Hammond.. just 65 miles away!! Went to visit.... Brought him a "Fresh" "AIR TRASH" hat!!...when he was in the hospital over here... He had some serious complications from surgery... fortunately came out of it but it was scary!! He went up to Va. to live with his sister... anyway he's in that "Eternal Star" now!!! Fly on Buddy.... you will be missed.... skybill
  2. Hooodogies!!! "Strat's!!!!" "Stars an' 'Fryer's!!" (Pun intened) As for the "Fryer'" I mean "Flyer" the only person who I know of that jumped one successfully as a young lady at old Elsinore named I think "Darleen" she was a singer that went by the stage name of "Danny!!" She weighed about 98 lbs. dripping wet with her clothes on!! She'd come in for a landing, do a "normal" flare and dead stop a foot above ground and take one step!! Note!! I said she weighed 98 lbs.!!!!!!!!!!! Major operating factor!! PS the pictures of "Dean Westgard" landing the flyer were taken when he was a bout a foot or so off the ground.... ya' had ta' see the crater and cloud of dust not to mention the seismic after recordings "ONE FOOT LATER!!" I had a "Star!!!" Long story!! back when I tipped the scale at the 160-165 lb range!! If ya' have enough BEER I can tell ya' some stories..... All in all I liked my STAR!!.... As for "Flyer's" my now late friend "Red Beard" came over one night and "GAVE" me this red and white Flyer he got from someone ... I didn't want it but ended up with it anyway... Some time later Matt McKillowatt... aka "Sparky" was over for some rigging work and I got him drunk and got him to haul off the Flyer!! Finally got rid of it!! He was going on some "Spooky" base jump and I told him.. "It's the perfect rig (Fortunately I think he weighed about 145 lbs. so that was good!!" If ya need to ditch it .. no loss!! "5 RIGHT ... an' ... CUT!!!!!!," skybill-out PS...and then there was "GENO!!!!".. aka Walton Eugene Johnson!!! A "Ghetto Rat" Jumping what he could find!! His last "Good Canopy" took a dive and he found a "Flyer" .. He weighed in at the 170 +/- 5 lb range... (net.) would fly in at 2000 mph, flare like there was no tomorrow and "ATTACK" the hard pan at Scare-us-valley with great gusto!! I would "Cringe" when I watched his landings!! ....... My "Hi-Ball" is gettin' kinda low... need to do a mid-air refuel... Later Troops... Drop me a line if ya' want to hear more .......
  3. skybill

    Bob Buehrer

    "BOB!!! Friend, skydiver, aviator and all around good guy! He was the "Big Cheese" with our "New Dimensions Flite School" of which I was proud to be invited to be part of !!!!!!! We had our usual "Up's and down's" but that was nothing.. and after i look back .. we were the "PIONEER'S!!!!!" We "BLAZED THE TRAIL" that all others followed!! GOT THAT PILGRIM'S!!! skybill
  4. skybill

    Ted Sullivan.... B-3238

    Arrangements completed by family today... Friday is his Funeral here in Hammond... Brandon Thompson Funeral home in charge. Ted and I go back a ways.. before "Skydiving" we were in the Boy Scouts during Jr. High School.... That was the "Late 50's!!!' Ted got interested in Skydiving about the time we graduated High School in '63. Joined up with "Southland Skydivers" here at the Airport in Hammond. I tried to up load a photo but it "exceeds" the limit! Go to my FB page... "Bill Deli" and I have it posted there and some other history!! I too became a member of "Southland" (MAY '64) the Club lasted till Leon Riche and Ben Seal's "Southern Parachute Center" took hold... the Club folded as it's primary reason for existence as other clubs of the time frame was to secure "Air Support!!" The "Center" took care of that... Ted jumped with us till he got his "Greetings from Uncle Sugar!!!" in '65. During Boot he volunteered for "AIRBORNE" and followed in the footsteps of "Bob Welsh" one of our former Paratrooper Skydivers and went "82nd!!" Bob was "Proud!!!" Fly on Ted, Fly on!!!!!!!....... skybill, B-4240
  5. Hi Bob......!!, WIND & BEER!!! Back in the Day......OLD Elsinore..... sometime in 1967-early 68.... the "Santa Ana Winds" started to blow through!! Everybody "Kicked dirt" for a while then retired to the "RUMBLESEAT TAVERN!!" ran by Dickie and Marilyn Webb!! I eventually hooked a ride and got there later in the afternoon!! JOHN "MAGPIE" Forsythe!!! was already heavy into his cups!! later I found out he blew a "POPE" Demo and had to "HANG" a 64 oz. Pitcher of cold beer till he drank it "A-L-L-!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"........lo and behold the winds subsided and everyone scrambled back to the DZ for a "JUMP!!" "That's why we do this..REMEMBER???????" 'Managed to get on a 3 way out of the Cessna 180.. (Beech loads were already full) it turned out to be "ME!!!!!!," MAGPIE!! (Remember Magpie, there's a story about Magpie!!!!) So!!!!! "ME!!!!" and "Stanley Troller" and "MAGPIE" end up being the 3-way to 3-5 in the cesna180!! We were going to doa 3 way fro 3-5 untill magpie missed, we went low!! about 15-200' and watched magpie open down in the misquite!! I think th opening of his canopy kicked up dust!!....Meanwhile, back at the Ranch, Stanley and I are walkin' in after that fiasco and Stan says to me,"I hope nobody saw that??? All anybody saw was MAGPIE's almost BOUNCE!! Jerry Meyers was at the target when Magpie hummed it and he said,"I thought he was going to bounce so I turned around so I didn't have to see his splatter......."THEN" his chute opened!!!! ....Stan and I thought for sure we'd be grouunded for piulling beLow minimums but THANK Again skybll
  6. skybill

    Ted Sullivan.... B-3238

    Ted Left us today... only 150 +/- a couple!! of jumps back when!! He JM'ed me on my jumps # 7, 8 and 9!! Ted was my good friend!! OUR good friend!! No details yet on arrangements... I'll let you know!! skybill
  7. Hi Bob!!! Only thing I can say is "10-4!!!!" ill' the moning!! skybill
  8. skybill

    Larry Bagley

    Yea. !! so we go low!! Just hope we don't end up in Hell!! skybill
  9. Hi Bob.... Only thing I can say after 54 yrs + of doing this stuff is "Thank GOD someone invented/Discovered/ or what-ever........ WHISKEY!! If it wasn't for "Whiskey" and "Skydivin'" I'd a been a "Basket case years ago!! It keeps me sane and my BP... 113/59...64 this morning!! skybill
  10. skybill

    Larry Bagley

    Hi Chuck and "ALL!!!," The "Bags!!" has "Gone On!!!" ... Just cruzin' along..then "Gone!!" just like in a "Country Song!!"...... I can't let this pass without my "Best Bag's Story!!!!" So, settle down Kiddies, pop a fresh Beer or pour a good shot of 3 fingers of Jack over 5 rocks...(an "Old Blue Eyes!!") and listen... Back when Men were Men... i believe it was 1981? or somebody re/arrange my brain cells .. when the "El Cap" Bullshit came down the pike!! (Ya have to know the "WHOLE STORY!!!!" Anybody remember the "FLAT BED 11???" Who got booted out of USPA for some Yosemte violation?? well they all got booted for a year!!! well, the "Late" Max Kelly was one of them!! I worked with him at the as we called it at the time...(fun daze)... "Drugless Aircraft company" (inside joke) and after he got booted''' that was that.... well Ray Cottingham The renouned photographer got told by Benny and Diane that he couldn't jump at Perris because he was "Booted!!" "Then Benny found out!!" that MAX was still jumping at the "USPA DZ Elsinore!! and he to was booted so Benny said "Screw U USPA I don't want your "Insurance" anymore and Left the ranks of "USPA DROPZONES!!!!!!" well the "Beat Goes on!! SO!!!! To try to bring back Benny to the fold.... the "Powers that Be" at USPA sent "BAGS" to Perris during the Labor Day Boogie to try to "patch up old wounds!!!!" That what's it was all about..... HOWEVER!!!!!! ...there is a side note!!!!!!!! While there..... the now "Late" "Dick Pedley" was getting his (I THINK??? BUT DON'T QUOTE ME!!!!!) 4,000 jump wings!!!! So this is where the "Fun Begins!!" Great boogie however some troops are getting "careless" ..humming it down and subsequently getting "GROUNDED!!!!!!!" quite a few as I recall ...."The Beat goes on!!" well at the time I was a USPA JM & I at Perris and Billy Reed was going to put up a "DC-3 Load Of Students!!" at the time as a "Back up JM I think the deal was $5 and a "Free Jump" how ever high the plane goes!! Well I'm free at the moment and jump on the load!! Back up Billy!! "THEN!!"I notice Dick Pedley who was doing the "Shoot all the student exits with his 35SLR!! and behind him was ........You Guessed it...."BAGS!!!!!!" .... I said."WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?????" Bags said,"I'm going to give Dick his 4,000 jump wings in Free Fall after we dump the students!!!".... As the Late Frank Gallop would say in his Throaty, Baritone voice,"REALLY!!!"... I say..."NOT WITHOUT ME!!!!!!" (Note: Dickand I are Old Friends!!) SO, Students dumped... Billy and his crew exit, Ron does a quick climb and we get out at 4500' .....Long story short... Dick and Bags get a hook up and I "miss" on the first pass!!! They hold it and "Finally" I "CONNECT!!!!!!!!!!!" YAHOO!!!! Till??... I notice the outside edges of the student Target at Perris and the dirt clods are gettin' "BIG!!!" Down and Dirty about 1500' or so!!!! as we walk in from the target , Mark Smith admonishes us!! Big time but not much else was said!! at least to me and I'm sure not to "BAGS!" later, Dick told me he got "dressed down for that fiasco!!" Hehehehehhehe!! But the thing is...after that.. every time I'd see "Bags" somewhere, we'd run into each other, our eyes would meet, and it was a big GRIN!!!!!,,,, and 1500' at Perris and we would just,"LAUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I miss you Buddy!! Dick passed several years ago, now "BAGS"... I guess when I Go I'll have to swoop them up there!!!! skybill
  11. skybill

    Ron Mills

    Cancer. He's been fighting it for a couple of years. Had surgery, which didn't get it all. Underwent chemo treatments, which made him weak, and some of his hair fall out. You could tell something wasn't right, because he didn't look good, and while he used to jump repeatedly all day long, it got to where he only had the strength to make one or two. But he wouldn't talk about it, at least not with me. Then he quit jumping altogether about a year ago. He had bought a plot of land out in the country upon which he was looking forward to building his retirement home. He spent many weekend days clearing the land, cutting trees and running 'em through a wood chipper, while dropping by Skydive Houston to make a few jumps. He loved to go off on long hiking trips for vacation, a passion which I shared with him, and we would often spend a lot of time talking about the neat places we've been in the outdoors. Hi John, The last two words of your post say it all!!! (Damn!! Circumstances??) 'Lost my Peggy to pancreatic 7 years ago..... 'Still crawling out of the hole from that one!!... I'd like to leave you and everyone with a few thoughts I picked up ..along the way..... Death changes everything. Time changes nothing. I still miss the sound of your voice, the wisdom of your advice, the stories of your life and just being in your presence. So, no, time changes nothing. I still miss you just as much today as I did the day you died. I just miss you. -Grief- Grief never ends........ But it Changes. It's a passage, not a place to stay. Grief is not a sign of weakness, nor a lack of is the price of Love. -unknown- Oh how well I have come to know the depth of these two verses since that fateful day....23NOV2010............... skybill-out
  12. skybill

    Jumping at Casa Grande

    OMG!!! IVER DIVER!! If you see him tell him "HI!!" from BILL DELI!! We had some "Bitchn' times on dives at Ghoulidge and Perris!!!" BSBD
  13. skybill

    remembering the seldom 1950's

    Fly On PAT!!!!! 'Was but a kid growing into Jr. High during the decade...Yes what phrase..."The seldom 50's" Here you post this less than a month before you leave us...... But you "Torqued My Memory!!!" of the first time I ever saw a "Live" Parachute Jump!!!!! It was spring of 1951 (I was just about to turn 6 years old)and the "Cole Brothers Air Show" came to out airport with Screaming, smoke blowing, twisting and looping, LOUD STEARMAN Bi-PLANES!!!! Wing Walkers and "PARACHUTE JUMPS!!!" There were several ,,,,"AND" guy had "A MALFUNCTION!!!" He tossed out his Chest Reserve...and I watched in awe as he descended over us and landed behind the parking apron where we were and right before he landed by the fuel dump, the announcer blared over the loud speaker,"Hey Joe..'You alright???" I was looking straight at him , about 200 or so feet up , he cupped his hands over his mouth and yelled "YEAH!!!" then he landed!!!!!! Thanks PAT for re kindling that memory for me!!!!!.......Fly on Brother....Say Hi to Scotty, Kevin, Gary, Dirty Ed and all!!!
  14. skybill

    Peter Hearns Skyhigh Irvin

    Hi Pat, Yup, you got it!! I recall down at Otay, Don Whilldin used to mention that about the Floyd Smith-Les Irvin connection. A relative of Floyds', Prevost Smith (I believe he was Floyds' son but am not sure??) had a shop out by Santee. Whilldin also had his shop near by. Otay? remember Otay, back in the day of Jim McDonald's "Borderlands Air Sports Center!!"
  15. skybill

    Laddie Mencl RIP

    Rest in Peace Laddie. 'Just rememberin' the "Good Times!" You are now among all of our friends in the Eternal Star. Blue skies to ya' buddy. I'll never forget your "Cowboy Coffee!!"