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  1. How is your camera flying? Are you able to be where you need to be w/o thinking about it too much? Because if not, if you're still having to work to be where you need to be, you might want to wait to add a still camera to your setup. Either way, whether you stick w/ the mindwarp or not, you'll want a chin cup on the helmet, the extra weight will make the whole thing flop around much more if you dont have a chin cup. Dont f#%k up......
  2. the loop of the wing has to be over the altimeter strap; *** What is the reason for this one? Dont f#%k up......
  3. Right you are. I was just saying that if you were to follow in someone's else's exact path, say on a 270 front riser dive, in order for you to hit their wake, it would have to be calm. If it was any wind at all, chances are their wake would move from their approach path downwind. Dont f#%k up......
  4. The wake off a canopy is not all that significant from my experience. It may cause you a little scare if you're in the middle of your flare, but otherwise, you'll just feel bump or two. If you do encounter it in the middle of your flare, get ready to PLF, cause it'll probably drop you from there. I suppose if you followed someone else's exact approach on a high performance landing, it could cause some serious problems, but that is very unlikely and conditions would have to be dead calm. Dont f#%k up......
  5. I think that's an awesome idea. A novice swooper like myself could really learn from video w/ explanations of what went wrong and when and what the alternate course of action could/should have been . Good thinking man.... Dont f#%k up......
  6. Dye sublimation printer? what's that? how do they differ from say an HP deskjet? Dont f#%k up......
  7. I'm doing freaking great man. How bout you? Am I going to be at the Holiday boogie this year??????? What kind of question is that?? Of course I'll be there. I'm being smart this year and booked myself a team trailer for the week.
  8. what equipment are you using deuce? Dont f#%k up......
  9. As far as I know, Brents and Schumacher articulating brackets are one and the same. I bought one from him and on the package it said Schumacher, he gets his from them.
  10. Thanks dude. hey, are you gonna hit eloy this year for the holiday boogie? missed ya last year man.... Dont f#%k up......
  11. I have a question. When measuring the distance of a swoop, how is the starting point determined? Is it once the have decended to a certain height above the ground and levelled off? I've wondered about that. Anyone???
  12. I print at home. I use an HP printer and HP paper and I have never seen any of my pics fade. I did try prinint on canon paper and they faded real quick, so I guess it's all about the right ink on the right paper. Dont f#%k up......
  13. I went through two tongue switches all within about 7 months. The first only only lasted a few days before malfunctioning and the second lasted several months. I even had little balloons covering them so the saliva would not get in the switch and cause problems, but still it decided to croak. I found it difficult to activate the tongue switch during a skydive. Another words, I would think that I was pressing the swtich, but really was not, so I missed several shots that way. I went to a bite switch since and it's been great ever since.
  14. I get all the way out on the step, right arm and right foot over the strut, left foot on the step, left hand trying to get the tandem students attention and give the camera a smile, by way of a thumbs up or a peace sign before we exit. Leave just before the pair on my back w/ head into the relative wind. The allows me to easily match their speed if they have a long delay before drogue toss as I can then easily transition into headdown if necessary to stay w/ then w/o them getting out of frame. This makes for an awesome, unique perspective of them coming out the plane. Great fun....