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  1. well, I think you have one problem now, and will have another one later. If your laptop doesn't have a firewire conection, even if you use a firewire / usb adapter, you will have problems. the adapter is only for the plug, but the speed is the usb speed, the transfer rate is the one from an usb conection. So you have a usb conection. And usb is not suitable for video. ___________________ salsicha - shaggy Rio de Janeiro - Brazil
  2. The Rio de Janeiro Skydiving Club / School is formed by highly experienced instructors, accredited by the Brazilian Parachute Confederation (CBPq) and with sports and military training. All are high-performance athletes in world-class competitions. Its main mission is to encourage sports through the transformation of their practice into a lifestyle, developing self-esteem, self-confidence, self-determination and, consequently, the achievement of their students through a personalized service. Parquedismo Rio de Janeiro promotes well-being to the people, working step-by-step all the indispensable requirements for its evolution inside and outside the sport, through a greater integration with the community of parachutists. The equipment is imported and carefully targeted for each type of jump. The strict maintenance is carried out by qualified professionals for this purpose, approved by CBPq. Parachuting, contrary to what many imagine, stimulates the socialization of the individual and develops his consciousness, focus, motivation, positivity and balance. Through it, you can learn to get calm under pressure or risky activities, as well as seek self-restraint and self-control. The Club / School is located at the Aeródromo de Resende-RJ, 150km from Rio de Janeiro: the largest jump area in the State! And that currently operates with a Cesna Caravan aircraft with capacity for 14 athletes, rising to about 4,000 meters high.
  3. How do I contact Brett Newman? I couldn't find a homepage or an e-mail address. thanks ___________________ salsicha - shaggy Rio de Janeiro - Brazil
  4. I'd like to buy a hand cam glove, and after searching in the forum, I found only 3 places: riggerrob, waycool and cookie composites. Is there any other place? I know some people built their own glove, but I don't have that ability. Thanks ___________________ salsicha - shaggy Rio de Janeiro - Brazil
  5. salsicha

    Skydive In Rio

    Skydive in Rio de Janeiro Brazil. We have tandem jumps, courses and aerial video and stills.
  6. Well... Let´s try some things here: 1) if u can copy the DVD to the computer, try to reencode and mount the DVD, but remember that mpeg2 compression is destructive, so if this works your image will be worse than the one in the DVD; 2) if the DVD wasn't closed, this means that the datas like headers, b-trees and others aren´t recorded in the disc, so the computer can't see them. You have one option. Try some unerase software. This software will recover the 'lost' datas, this means, your files, or at least some of them. Good Luck ___________________ salsicha - shaggy Rio de Janeiro - Brazil
  7. If the tandem system has four hook-up points, I think that we could jump with 4 students at the same time. Great Idea, tomorrow I’ll do that. c ya ___________________ salsicha - shaggy Rio de Janeiro - Brazil
  8. i also fly a sabre, 170. my setup is a video top mounted n a still front mounted. i watch the D-bag go up and then i look at the horizon and try to control the opening with my hips. . ___________________ salsicha - shaggy Rio de Janeiro - Brazil
  9. what's the price if we want to jump less than 25 times? thanks . ___________________ salsicha - shaggy Rio de Janeiro - Brazil
  10. during the opening, when you sit up, it's also a good moment to pay attention to any twist, so you can fix it with your hip before it increases. . ___________________ salsicha - shaggy Rio de Janeiro - Brazil
  11. Hi all I'm going to Algarve. I don't know there and I'm looking for really cheap places to stay. Does anyone suggest anything? Or would like to share an apartment? Any idea? thanks . ___________________ salsicha - shaggy Rio de Janeiro - Brazil
  12. Hi docjohn, The resolution of the video is 72 dpi, if you give them photos from the video, you're giving them pictures with only 72 dpi. I'm right? How do you do? thanks . ___________________ salsicha - shaggy Rio de Janeiro - Brazil
  13. How do you charge? (It's not how much). Here, when de passenger arrives, he decides if he wants video/photo. If yes, we go there and jump with him/her. If not, we don't go. As I've read here, I think that in some DZ the camera goes anyway and then later shows the work. Is that? How do you do? You tell the pax that you'll be there and he can decide later if he wants the shoots? I'm a terrible salesman... thanks . ___________________ salsicha - shaggy Rio de Janeiro - Brazil
  14. I don't have my IRM with me, and the online version is incomplete What is the IRM? And where do I get it? thanks . ___________________ salsicha - shaggy Rio de Janeiro - Brazil
  15. I had an idea. The passenger can choose between a roll of film or something like 20 digital shots. If he/she wants more shots, they pay for the extra shots you are going to give them. We take a lot of pictures and they choose 20. What do you think? ___________________ salsicha - shaggy Rio de Janeiro - Brazil