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  1. Whats up!!! Haven't been on here in forever, but was curious tonight to see whats going on.
  2. Most sports photography is done with massive zoom lenses too.. We're just a different breed of sports photographers not always....This picture was taken with a 5D MKII and a 70-200 lens ( at 200mm) during the last Dubai comp. The building is 4+miles away. keyword: "most" this is one of the "most" photos.. but in a different way. I love that shot Bruno! Awesome work.
  3. Winter sports (Skiing, snowboarding) think the guys on Warren Miller's teams. They are right up in there (the ones on the mountain, not the ones filming from the heli)
  4. Most sports photography is done with massive zoom lenses too.. We're just a different breed of sports photographers
  5. I agree, I was expecting a bit more from it. I'm going to get me another 5D MkII instead, now that the prices have come down.
  6. It is discontinued but move fast and get yours from B&H. Canon replaced it with the 8-15mm F4 L lens. All dealers told me the same thing
  7. I just read this : http://www.startribune.com/opinion/otherviews/126619568.html and I thought of this thread... Miss you Shannon!
  8. Lew, I think I might be able to hook a sister up. I think I have a brand new one sitting in my "camera accessory" drawer. I am using a full Schumacher setup on my helmet so I don't use the Strobos.. I'll check tonight and shoot you a note!
  9. 1100 ft, on my last skydive ever without a pro-dytter (jump 130 or so) I lost altitude awareness, and transitioned from a sit when I saw my friends opening parachutes... I landed, white as a bedsheet, walked up to the dz manager and asked him : do you have any more of those dytters for sale? He smiled and said.. I was going to talk to you, but looking at your face and your reaction you know exactly what you did wrong don't you? Don't ever scare us like that again!
  10. Hey Mike, this is a great topic and reading some of the feedback below this seems to be a really good one to discuss with newer, or even very experienced tandem videographers. I for one have not given this a lot of thought beyond: if I get tangled up with the drogue, I am potentially killing 3 people. For me, if I "miss" the exit, then I am leaving late, really late. This means, once they break the door I just let them go past me and I do more of a peeling exit. I still get their face right before they leave, and the "tandem story" is not lost... they remain in frame, and I keep myself and the tandem pair safe by preventing a drogue entanglement. I've gotten very close to eating a drogue once, on a skyvan exit where the TI did a backflip and threw the drogue as they came around. I made the mistake of putting myself in "the center" of the exit instead of staying a bit off to the side. As you know, flying tandem videos is a very responsible job, and should not be taken lightly.. The porter story above scares the crap out of me, but I applaud the parties involved for staying calm in that situation. Hope to see you around next week Mike, I'll be in Eloy for memorial day weekend.
  11. I used the Sabre2s for a long time as well, and they are very fine parachutes for sure! Specially jumping with cameras. I find it interesting that the Spectre is not working out for you as well.. is the canopy still in good shape / trim? Older lines maybe? I use a Spectre 135 on bigger ways and on all those, there is a "no more than 90" rule and it works perfect for me, but the first couple jumps on the canopy it didn't... for the simple reason that the brake lines were too short (I bought it used) Have the canopies checked out for sure
  12. I don't want to start a completely different discussion, but I think this is one of the biggest misconceptions... a more professional camera does not necessary mean better photos.. Better glass does... Go Canon 15mm like Lew said already
  13. And getting permission from photographers before offering content for download would be nice too..
  14. JP... You've been on my mind a lot lately... I just want to say I miss you..
  15. I second that one!! Good job on the original poster.. never give up!! Looks like you handled the tumble, and back to work!! My worst one was knocking another camera flyer off the camera step a couple years ago :( I rushed out right after him and was a bit too eager to to get into position for MY shot and pushed him off the camera step Lucky for us it was a freefly skydive, so all he had to do was wait for us to come down to him, although even for a freefly jump that takes a while if you have a 10 second head start.