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  1. vdschoor

    Canon 5D MarkIII

    I agree, I was expecting a bit more from it. I'm going to get me another 5D MkII instead, now that the prices have come down.
  2. vdschoor

    bite switch or similar for Lumix GF1

    According to some of the reviews, the camera has a 2.5mm remote jack, so any bite switch or tongue switch that works on a Digital Rebel should work?
  3. vdschoor

    Tandem tips??

    Get a camera suit Learn how to fly it, film solo's, 2 ways, 4 ways.. Learn to fly it some more.. Good.. now you have about 100 jumps on your camera suit... and you know how to fly it. Talk to the instructors and then start working on filming tandems.. I always film with a camera suit, it allows me to get angles that are very hard to get without one, and without putting yourself underneath a tandem (BAD NEWS) The "average" tandem falls about the "average" fallrate.. but imagine having turbo boosters on when you fly with those tandems.. With a camera suit, you're ready for all fallrates.. Iwan
  4. vdschoor

    Comments on helmet setup

    Honestly, you said it all already, I don't like how you have the still mounted up there. It just sticks out too far. and is just asking for either a snag, or just plain losing the camera alltogether by a riser slap or something. I think you should reconsider the helmet, it's really too bad the BatRack is not made anymore, cause your setup would be super clean on top of one of those..
  5. It all depends on what you want to do, but I have the quantum turbo 2x2 .. and all I can say is.. you dont want to ever work without it. Its the difference between a 1fps camera or a 5fps camera.. do you want your flash to be ready when YOU want to take the shot, or do you want to wait till the flash is ready for you?
  6. vdschoor

    Advice on Camera to buy?

    For the price of a used PC camera you can probably find a brand new HC style camera, standard definition of course... Go with new... And as far as making money with your camera.. you will have to make a whole bunch of camera jumps before people are going to be willing to pay you for your services.. make sure you are able to consistently get them a quality product.. which is going to cost you quite a few jumps first..
  7. vdschoor

    How to film freefall.

    the safest way for you to document your experience is to hire someone that is an experienced freefall videographer to film you going through the process.. It is the safest way to do it, and the only way to do it, as no dropzone out there will allow you to wear any kind of recording device while you're going through your student progression up to 200 jumps. Iwan
  8. vdschoor

    slow flight landing

    I think it gets harder and harder to time the flare right with smaller canopies, but I've landed my velocity 103 in half brakes, I prepared for a PLF and I was pretty aggressive in finishing the flare from the half brake point...
  9. vdschoor

    Intentionally loose leg straps

    I can think of one major con: the all feared nut-under malfunction.. I'm sorry but I think that is just nuts to jump like that..
  10. vdschoor

    sit exit pointers

    Think about where the relative wind comes from when you're exiting : from the prop / front of the airplane When you're sitflying, you're flying with your feet into the relative wind right? Think of that body position when you leave the plane, feet towards the prop. So for the front floater: Head towards the tail, placing your feet into the relative wind (towards the prop) Rear floater: step off, and fall on your back, feet towards the prop. The front floater is "more" responsible for the exit, as you have to jump forward and up a bit (towards and over your exit partner..) It's a tricky exit for sure.. but that's roughly how I can explain it best I think..
  11. It's interesting to read that they still seem to be building high end cameras with tape... I like it.. I'm sticking to HD on tape for now reading about all the issues people are having with the solid state cameras.
  12. vdschoor

    5D + Canon 24mm issue

    If I am correct, the 24mm is not a very fast focussing lens, you might have run into some issues because of that. In your situation, shooting full frame with a 24mm lens, I'd say use the DOF calculator and figure out where your focus point should be and use manual focus. On my film body with the Canon 28mm I used manual focus all the time too, and the pictures came out fantastic. When you do use the hyperfocal distance though, I'd suggest going for an aperture of about F8 to F10. For Shutterspeed, I found that specially on tandems, I don't even go faster than 1/320th. Tandems fall down very fast, but they don't move very fast compared to the camera so a slower shutterspeed will work just fine.
  13. vdschoor

    Nikon Remote Question

    The remote sticks out on the Canon too. Unless on the Nikon it sticks out way more, I wouldn't consider that a big enough reason not to stick with Nikon. Iwan
  14. vdschoor

    Old Guys Rule Boogie- April 26th & 27th

    I'll have 2 rigs ready to go to help make the loads go my friend!
  15. vdschoor


    I'm there