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  1. I get about 2 sec more from the main exit points in LB. This is based on about 100 jumps from there in old style track pantz and about 10 in newer phoenix pants....And about 50% more horizontal distance....Usually about 10m more than the little german...hehehehehehehe
  2. Definitely Mulumba 1 (I am surprised you remember that!). Never did a 'S' locally. play safe
  3. Congrats to Has who nailed BASE all in NZ. I may be wrong but I think he is the 1st to do this (correct me if I am wrong). The difficult one is the "B" but that was nailed Monday early .am. Yeehah! Neil
  4. That is terrible news. I bumped into Obi a few times in the valley. I can clearly recall a hike up the mushroom in the summer of '03 when we were all w/suiting. Boy did he suffer on that hike :-). Condolences to friends and family. Neil-NZ
  5. Theory-I think that 'pit' in the stomach feeling is your viscera moving in your abdominal cavity. When you go on a roller coaster or over a drop in a car. your intestines move down (vertical plane). They are poorly suspended by internal ligaments. In contrast, if you exit in a normal base position leading chest first, then your guts can only move front:back i.e constrained by your back and abdomen. You canb test this by exiting in a sit fly from a big wall. The argument about already moving when you exit from a plane is equally valid.
  6. Can someone recommend a good (cheap) online retailer for Dianese? thanks
  7. You've probably picked up that there are a bunch of dick heads who BASE who seem overly precious when it comes to talking to non-baser's or reporters. I had a general discussion with a couple of mates about the number of active jumpers (more than 30-50/yr)...and yes this is an arbitrary number. We benchmarked it against the number of similar faces we see amongst new faces e.g I knew 10% of people by face in KL, and balanced against the number of total jumpers we knew. At a crude estimate we thought about a 1000 active jumpers but this was just a stab in the dark albeit lighted with a single match. best of luck
  8. I have 6-6-1 as well. Unfortunately I can't wear it under my rig with the spine protector as it pushes the container too far away from my back and makes reaching for my p/c a bit of a stretch. Thus the only protection the upper body unit provides is arms and shoulders. The soft chest protector is nearly useless for penetrative injuries and will do zip for a 'crush' style impact. play safe
  9. I'd like to ditto that. Annie looked after me in 89 when I passed thru Perris just out of school and more recently was one of 2 mentors when I started base. It's funny but exactly 5 yrs ago today we were road tripping thru AZ and celebrating xmas at S*****ro. There was one memorable jump in the snow over some ruins with some nice folk and a now absent friend. Happy times.
  10. Thanks! I had a lovely sense of dejavu although it does look different in daylight
  11. neiljarvis

    New Zealand?

    ...or you could just fly down an alley way with your canopy scraping the sides of the buildings only to land in the middle of Auckland busiest street as the nite clubs empty. And then tell the taxi driver from Ethiopia not to call the police as you will be tortured (and he understands.....).
  12. Shelley, I'd suggest having a look at poster's details when reviewing the advice given. There are some low key posters who have close to a 1000 jumps and others who are critical, frequently passing comment and have very little practical experience (and they are crap jumpers to boot). With a notable exceptions there seems to be an inverse relationship between the number of posts a person makes and the number of jumps they have. Good luck
  13. There's nothing in AZ? This is a bit different from how it was in 2000- 4 different E's, 1 x S and a classic 1000 'other.' I had a blast here....Some of the jumps are classics, keep asking around :-)
  14. Nice colour from popular exit now 'out of bounds' Photo: David-Sweden
  15. 40 yrs 6 yrs 320 ..and still faster than the little German