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  1. redfox

    new sfly

    Should be already available - at least I got mine
  2. Very impressive... Wondering about the next steps... I am eager to see what will be done in 2011... Highest respect for this flying skills! Cordially, Herwig
  3. I didn't say it is impossible - I said it is very different!
  4. Maybe because you simply can't move your hips for weightshifting in a Triwing like in a Monowing? Some flying styles work in both models, but definitely not all! So yes - a lot of techniques can be applied to both, and we like to see more usage of "flying your body" in general. But you were saying that it is just marketing... I don't see the "versus" here: there are two different styles you can choose from, some people prefer one style, other people like the other one... Herwig
  5. Hi Jarno, I was flying for a few days, so my late response here... For me a Wingsuit is like a tool - if you ask me what is the best tool, I will ask you: what Do you want to do? But just for Monowings: flying them IS different than a Triwing! I strongly recommend a Skill Camp with Zun or Julien! BTW: I have flown and own enough suits to judge. Don't start a Brand war: I just know for sure that they are different - and this is NOT Marketing! Cordially, Herwig
  6. My short comment: Ask yourself: what should a Beginner learn? The answer would be: fly safely a Wingsuit and have fun! I am teaching mostly with Prodigy's, but I am heavily influenced from Loic and Zun. What they teach is that the human hand has a lot of nerves, so humans are very much to "hold" something. So a good beginner suit will be a suit without grippers, so that the flyer can concentrate oh his body position mainly. After he learns to fly his body (you guess the name of the company this wording is coming from... ) let him choose the suit he likes most! So my advice: choose a suit without grippers for beginner... I guess every one of the main manufacturers has such a suit! Cordially, Herwig
  7. Between 1:02 and 1:05 there is a hidden gem! Like it! Hope to be there next year! Herwig
  8. Most people which have flown with the french birds would define the "French Style" like: - knowing what it means to "fly your body" - flying together - learning a lot with each flight per excellent feedback Look at some photos or watch some videos of french skill camps... As a no-french speaking stupid alien, flying a no-french suit I was always welcome - no national thing or brand war... Could be seen as an ideal of behaviour for our sport IMHO... Cordially, Herwig
  9. If I understand you correctly, it is for logging... If you look at GPX, you have just added the velocity fields, and GPX is XML. KML for Google Earth is based on XML too... JSON is simpler if you just want to exchange data... But don't worry too much - if I really want to get the data, parsing XML, JSON or CSV is pretty easy. Don't switch to a proprietary binary format ;-) Have fun working on this - and enjoy flying! Herwig
  10. The idea is to use more than GPS. GPS is not very precise for direct feedback during flight. So you may add barometric data and data from acceleration sensors too. Without barometric data, some Smartphones could deliver that :-) There are a lot of ideas out here... Let's play and look what works best :-) Herwig
  11. Hi Michael, this forum may be a little bit off-topic, but I play since years with such toys to get feedback during flight. Played with STM Cortex M3, Segger embOS, emWin and USB. Output in JSON is parsed in fractions of a second on modern Computers. Can be done in C, C++, Java, Matlab, ... I used Lua on the PC and Mac side. You may add or change some fields later, e.g. barometric data, then it is nice if you can still work with older software. Adding a field in the beginning to define the schema or version also helps... Akustik feedback during flight is hard... We have to wait for cheap and leightweight optics ;-) Or are we concentrating too much on performance? At last, flying should be fun! Cordially, Herwig
  12. I would prefer a format which has structure and is extensible. A simple format for this is JSON, which I can recommend. Cordially, Herwig
  13. One possible solution: buy a suit from every manufacturer (I did: Phoenix Fly: Phantom, Ghost, Stealth, Vampire 3, Tonysuit XS, X-Bird, S-Fly Expert, ProFly, Verso, + a few other suits...)
  14. Why not that: Ok, just a little bit off-topic... But definitely mattress flying!
  15. Whaaat??? Not real? I took this soooo serious!