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  1. But is box position vertical speed Noticabely slower in pants, compared to non-tracking usual pants ?
  2. This question is out of pure curiosity .. Do homemade smoke pants and non-homemade pants produced by companies like phoenix-fly (compared to each other) noticabely reduce the fall rate and vertical speed in BOX position and make delays longer, or are they just for reducing falling speed in tracking positions? Thx for answers.
  3. MtK123

    heli boogie '07

    Could you UL it on skydivingmovies? sounds interesting
  4. Amazing, i wish you the best of luck!
  5. First it says: designed for terminal velocity jumps but then: This system has been tested for 3 years by Loïc JEAN-ALBERT on all type of base jumps. so terminal only or not?
  6. MtK123

    Almost made the List

    Is it possible, in any kind of way, to see the video of this experience? Maybe upload on skydivingmovies or sendspace?