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  1. empuria is miles away from magalluf .... it's on the mainland.... it's a flight away...
  2. http://www.skydivingmovies.com/ver2/pafiledb.php?action=file&id=1459 or hows this for some sick swooping! http://www.skydivingmovies.com/ver2/pafiledb.php?action=file&id=2542
  3. flight in deep brakes, riser pressures, primary & secondary stability, landability
  4. got more comfortable towards the end of the day, doing drills finding out maximum altitude los in 90 and 180 toggle turns, urgent dive recoverys etc. even got off a 90 front to land, i went forever* all of the canopy coaching came in handy when it came to setting it down nice and soft where i wanted to. by the way if your around europe and want canopy coaching www.safeflightschool.com Brian Vacher is one of the best canopy piloting coaches i have learnt from and seen and he's home grown from the good old UK, few and far between on our soil. *above statement may be a slight inflation of the truth however rocked very hard...
  5. just jumped my new sabre2 120 toy today, jesus it's quick!
  6. it works because of the airspeed the canopy is flying at. it creates lift in the direction the wing is pointing... kinda / that way.... upwards. the canopy doesn't sink if the airspeed is kept up and therefore the lift doesn't degenerate... it's all about momentum, airspeed, lift, and knowing the canopy your flying inside out. there are a few cool drills you can do at altitude, ask someone who quietly knows how to fly there canopy at the DZ, a crew dog or this guy you saw carving... good luck with it all man, canopy flight is the future!
  7. defeats the object of having a regular UK based swoop meet, if i was going to travel abroad, i'd goto lillo or empuria...
  8. i'm with you on that one lol
  9. c_nt b_llocks w_nker p_ss c_ck
  10. the ir illuminator is basically a torch, so in the dark... if you cover up the end of a torch, you can't see anything yeah?
  11. http://www.skydivingmovies.com/ver2/pafiledb.php?action=file&id=2640 hehe
  12. the guy 2 posts up looks bored! that arch swoop is pretty interesting
  13. i would like to put a call out to the uk canopy pilots that hang around here, we have seen in the US the CPC develop to help amature swoopers develop experience. are there any pilots in the UK interested in launching a CPC "district" in the UK, OR developing a smaller similar friendly circuit? kind of a modern version old mens working club, but without the shit bands, cheap beer and bingo?
  14. shit, thanks for asking, hope your meeting was worth it
  15. Jumpmunki


    just fly the slots dude! don't do no grabbins!
  16. just have to "big up" bwoggle bwoggle avalore freefly team, been to there freefly boogie at black knights parachute centre this week, shouts going too rob "laugh at others misfortune" mcvey and louis "article in the mag every month/cake hair" harwood for more information on coaching/freefly boogie2 contact [email protected]
  17. thanks lee, knew all that forces training would come to some good !
  18. Yeah heard he's a big arse but has a "7" dick !
  19. whos going to cark this week then? anyone going to be there for the party ont he saturday night? heard the DJ is good!
  20. yeah, do it you big l4m3r even tho i won't be there during the week, just for the first night lol
  21. then go to black knights for the party on the saturday night ! LOL