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  1. Wow Tony has always been a PD guy he might have been the first person I see jumping a velo. JFX sounds very interesting I put my velo in the closet got tired of opening fear 2 chops in 25 jumps. Of course probably all my fault.
  2. god love the ATL crew! I think they have the best way of finding a student that is "swithched on". Metallica t shirt or money for beer might be an even better indicator. Maybe make them read Penthouse letters or Hustlers beaver hunt!
  3. I really think the question everyone has is "has anyone seen the suit in action or even a real picture of it." Seems to me its like the "Emperor's New Clothes"!!!
  4. The artist rendering is really nice but when are we going to see a prototype in use. I thought there were wind tunnel tests etc. Looks like this may be the DeLorean of the sky....
  5. Jason I am in for donating a C note.
  6. and not only did he prove his skills as a WS pilot but also his skills on riding a motorized skateboard! Keep an eye out for next years rising star in the X Games! Robi "the grinder" Pecnik!
  7. Yes but finally a long weekend with warmer weather and not snow days!
  8. killen1970

    Which gear?

    Obi I agree with Blair. Need to look no further than what Mr Phoenix Fly Robert Pecnik is jumping. He jumps a wsXtreme from Morpheus and a Troll by Attair. Stane the founder of Attair is also a very avid base jumper especially big walls and works closely with Robi on perfecting the Troll. If you notice some of Robi's super low pulls you can tell he has lots of faith in the wsXtreme and Troll. No gear fear there. Might want to shoot morpheus an email or a call.
  9. If were going to flame Robi for not attending the Deland event do we know that he got an invite or even knew about it? Also I dont believe Yari was there either. I know Robert Jones from Morpheus who is the North American Rep for Phoenix Fly was at the event. Not sure Robi would have been able to make it anyway due to the fact that he was in the middle of the first production models of the V-1. I am sure the guys planning the Z-Hills event had no intention for it to conflict with the Dublin event.
  10. killen1970


    I am not sure if you have ever jumped an air locked canopy. I have owned two Jedei's (150, 136). The idea of grabbing the nose and deforming it does not work well. They could be alot of work to get deflated. I could not imagine having one that was 240 square ft or above. If you were in any sort of hurry better have a cargo van or box truck. Does anyone know why airlocks never developed in the paragliding. It also seems to be slowly dropping out in the skydiving community as well.
  11. Not sure how to do the link thing but figured people would love to see this file and figured someone can figure out how to link the file direct . Its on the front page of the Morpheus site under news.
  12. For all those that want to try out the new Pants and jackets Jay Epstein will be in Eloy with demo gear Dec.29 - Jan. 3, 2005. Have a safe new years
  13. Hey Asshole Merry Christmas! smoothie!Quote
  14. I made about 7 at tf using masking tape. Making only two raps at the same spot where your talegate is. You should be wrapping the same lines with the masking tape that would go in your talegate. Works great and will save your back.
  15. U making Perrine for Labor??? Johny G and Metal Mark will be there as of Thursday!