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  1. Thanks...
  2. Hey, I am at work, and thought I would post here in case any one happened to know off the top of their head, I know I can work it out later when I get home. Any ideas how heavy and rough dimentions an average size rig is? (how long is a peice of string blar blar) Its a Javlin TJN containing a 120, & 106 canopy... Thanks
  3. Sorry if it's a re-post. but I thought this was v cool. George
  4. That body armour would have probably helped Sean, base 621. His rib cut his aorta and killed him, the rib protector may have prevented this...or maybe not. George
  5. Very sorry to hear this, he was a really great guy and i will miss him. Very sad. George
  6. On my Mojo I use one break setting for slider up and slider down. On my Troll I use two settings, deep and shallow. I think 4 break settings are a little excessive, but I know some people use 3 settings. Main thing is to be dialed in and comfortable about your settings, and how it will react in a variety of situations and conditions. George
  7. Hi all, sorry if this is a re-post, but i dont check the swooping pages much.. Anyway thought people might like to see some speedflying, it's blown me away what these guys are doing, really taking things to the next level... George
  8. You can get shaun Bartletts new album here; He was the lead singer from Yelp. George
  9. Hey everyone thanks for all the nice comments, glad you like my vid, not all of it is my footage so cant take all the credit myself. Mac, will send you my new number... Jo! hey buddy, yep summer seams such a long way away now. Cant wait to see you guys next year! Kirz, errrrm thanks for sharing a pic of me taking a piss James, When I finally get my arse in gear and have it worked out how to get money to Romsdal people, i will be happy to send the DVD out for a donation to the rescue guys there. They do an amazing job and every now and the have to scrape one of us guys off the rocks which cant be nice.. For the moment just e-mail me at georgechurchillATyahooDOTcoDOTuk and I’ll file your mail and deal with all the requests in one go.. Mikki, I will try to get up to skydiving movies this week and the quality will be bit better there. Magot, Video took probably 40 hours of editing to make The low pulls weren’t me , but thanks to the guys who let me use there footage, they will remain nameless unless they tell me otherwise. Music in order is. Jamie T, Sigar Ros, Oskar, Oskar, Lamb and I dont know the name of the last one, it was Douggs's cd and I cant remeber, if any one knows?? Take care George
  10. Here's my offering from the summer....Enjoy! George
  11. Jessie made her return jump in norway this summer after a 10 yr lay off (she did great!) and then went on to jump BD this year, welcome back Jessie!
  12. Miss-routing PC when getting ready to jump. 1) Putting your rig on when your pilot chute is already out of its BOC. It can fall through a leg strap and you put it on without seeing the bridle routed through your leg strap. 2) If you don’t like stowing your PC in its BOC (because it can cause hessy if its been stuffed in BOC for a while) you should double check to ensure its routed cleanly from PC to pin or Velcro. When perched in jumping position, double check the bridle is routed cleanly from PC to pin not around you or the object... no. 101 on the list George
  13. Thanks G
  14. Hi, Does anyone know the mountain rescue association in Romsdallen (Norway). In particular I was thinking about donations to them and how to get the money there.... Thanks George
  15. Nice on Jessy Bessy....great photo's