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  1. Since some time now i have been looking for a gps that I can use for logging tracks while skydiving (WS/tracking and canopy flight) and on my bike/motorcycle. Is there someone on here with experience with Garmin Etrex Vista HCX or maybe GPSmap 60CSX? I want to be able to review tracks with google earth. Also information about ascent/descent rates would be interesting (I know these are not logged with the above units). Would love to hear opinions/experiences.
  2. Wow looks like a lot of people are after sponsorship or something... So what is it that you find so important about the automated cutting part? Accuracy? I would think that sewing tolerances are a whole lot higher than cutting tolerances are. Your base canopy definitely does not benefit from that. Automation is for their gain, not so match yours.
  3. I hope thats not true. I know the aerodynamic principles didn't change, but do you really think not much changed in this aspect of the sport? I almost find this statement disrespectful to the hard work of BASE canopy manufacturers.
  4. Sorry for going off topic but is this a prototype for the military market or the sports market?
  5. A comment like this probably says more about you than it says about he canopy. I jump an Onyx and i like it.
  6. Bingo, you say so much with that single phrase.
  7. In my opinion some of the hard openings crew jumpers may experience are because of the slider traveling down the lines in the first stage of deployment (everything that happens before linestretch). Basejumpers use a rubber band on the center C-line attachement point to ensure the slider stays all the way up until linestretch. I don't get why crew jumpers rely on the center stow of the tailpocket for this? Cheers
  8. oh boy there we go again...
  9. I do about four rolls on the nose and use a large hole mesh slider with direct control for all delays. I think openings are pretty consistent.
  10. I have had one relatively early since their release, maybe two hundred jumps or so on it so far on two units and never had a problem. I like the extra information it can display, like number of jumps on the unit, temperature and air pressure (although there is probably no real practical use to it). For me it is just like the Cypres I had before with a slightly better price, functionality and look (but last one is pretty irrelevant for an AAD).
  11. What is the little white round thing on the tail where the most inboard brake lines attach to the canopy? (I noticed it in the third picture)
  12. Stane told that he did name the canopy after his friend Dwain Weston. Hence Troll DW. I think the canopy is beyond the prototype status and is available.
  13. Thanks for the info. I think i'm just going to buy the sucker.
  14. Maybe it a an europe only model?
  15. I am looking to buy my first videocamera. Someone at our dropzone has a Sony PC 6 (2002 model) for sale that has not been used much. I have some experience with a Sony PC 9 and like it. If I am correct de PC 6 is basically a stripped down version of the PC 9? I know the PC 6 does not have DV-in and a memorystick that doesn’t bother me that much. But would the PC 6 have the same video quality (resolution) as the PC 9? Cheers