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  1. homosexuality is specifically mentioned in the bible as a sin and therefore, sinful -------------------------------------------------- I am a greek midget
  2. It's unlikely that you have never received any so-called handout. Unemployment, etc. My HC is free because I haven't had it for 10 years. I work fucking hard and I will have it soon. I don't make near min wage, so your inferrence that I get access is as foolish as the rest of your whining drool. And my taxes have to pay for your war, your fucking kids (or someone's in my state) to go to school. See, everyone has a draw, just that guys like yiouy want to limit the draws to only things you like. No, Bush's single penalty wa steal;ing, IMO. The wars, the grossly overbuilt military, etc are stealing. If you looked up the definition of stealing you would be embarrassed, even as a metaphor. You don't have to pay taxes? Also, this law is basically just HMO reform, allowing per-existers. No public option, no single payer. I think you're confused as to what is in this bill/law, it doesn't just dole out coverage, it just makes the ins cos fly a little more straight. Are you insane? Obviously you have no answer, so don't just use bandwidth to pretend that you actually answered. I'm with turttle on this,... Are you insane? -------------------------------------------------- I am a greek midget
  3. chadkal

    Earth Hour

    To help combat the unintelligent, I intend to do my part. I will make sure that I have every light on, and no need to worry, I have no CFL's. It is quite cold here today so I will turn my heat up all the way and open up all the windows ( don't want it to get too hot inside.) I also intend to leave my fridge door open. My tv will be on along with every other electrical device I can find. I'm going to have to go through the cabinets to see how many appliances I can find ( blender, mixer,etc) Everyone needs to pitch in and do their part. Really is one hour too much to sacrifice? -------------------------------------------------- I am a greek midget
  4. That is why getting drunk is causes people to ACT foolish. -------------------------------------------------- I am a greek midget
  5. Actually, I don't think that Bush is doing a good job,... or that he ever did, but it shows that this country is in a very sad state when it is better to be associated with a known terrorist than the pres. -------------------------------------------------- I am a greek midget
  6. Translation: being associated with George W. Bush is more poisonous than being associated with Ayers or Rev. Wright. It must hurt the country to realize that. fixed it for ya -------------------------------------------------- I am a greek midget
  7. You are very nieve,... I will agree that in some cases, wrong things may have been done to pow's. however, this is isolated and not the policy of the gov. This is done by individuals who got out of control. as far as defending yourself against those that are violent, that is to be done at whatever means necessary. When you are at war and you have the potential to save lives, but in the process someone has to be tortured, so be it. It's not pretty, it's war, it's ugly, but it's often a necessary evil. -------------------------------------------------- I am a greek midget
  8. I don't see the abuse -------------------------------------------------- I am a greek midget
  9. The fact is that Ayers was tried and got off on a tech. He was guilty and still is, he has not changed at all, only his method of delivery. He is quoted as saying guilty as hell and free as a bird, while stomping on an american flag, also that his only regret was that he had not done enough, not that he had bombed buildings, and yes he did kill, three of his own were killed. Ayers deservers and should be lined up in front of a firing line for treason. -------------------------------------------------- I am a greek midget
  10. And Ayers was not a bad guy when Barack was hanging out with him right? You can't have it both ways. Sure you can, since some people change their ways for the better, and others don't. As a self-professed Christian, you should appreciate that. show me how Ayers has changed his values, just because he changed tactics doesn't mean he has changed anything else for the better. his books have proven he is still the same person, just without the violence. Really? And I thought he was an award winning educator these days. What does that have to do with anything??? -------------------------------------------------- I am a greek midget
  11. there are some questions I would like to see answered regarding Obama, 1. 2 weeks ago Axelrod stated that Obama was in contact with the gov. regarding who would be taking over his seat. Today Obama says he had never spoken with the gov., who is telling the truth? 2. Why would Blago be so upset with Obama not giving him what he wanted if they had not previously talked about it? -------------------------------------------------- I am a greek midget
  12. you keep blaming the right, but this was all started by the left. -------------------------------------------------- I am a greek midget
  13. I know that you can make the ar style rifles very accurate, but I have always preferred bolt action for long precision shots. Don't get me wrong though I would snatch up as many lowers or finished ebr's as are afforded by your budget. I would tend to agree with you that they are going to become less available and more expensive. -------------------------------------------------- I am a greek midget
  14. have you looked at the Rem. 700 chambered in .308 makes a great long range rifle. -------------------------------------------------- I am a greek midget
  15. what if all of those that think the earth would be better off without humans did the earth a favor by removing themselves, then the rest of us could enjoy a better earth. -------------------------------------------------- I am a greek midget