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  1. Swanee


    My first Wonderhog was bought second hand in Australia in the 70s. If I recall it was Serial Number 14. It was pre 3 ring, and featured a reserve blast handle located on the left hip! Not sure if that was original but I did change it to a more conventional location. Don't think I have any pictures of it.
  2. I always thought those pockets were just for show. I have video of a reserve deployment of mine (fairly violent mal) a couple of years ago that clearly shows those pockets fully inflating and helping things along--it was a clean deployment though, not a horseshoe
  3. I have purchased two new 2k3 racers in the past year--the first one I got with a high chest strap and the second was with a low one. At first the high strap felt a bit strange because it was higher than on my previous rig but now that I am used to it, I am happy with either. Both harnesses fit great. cheers John
  4. Can I also give a thumbs up to Conceptus? They are at [email protected] Outstanding response and product support for their switches--I'm not in the USA but I still get first class service from them! John
  5. Try Pinnacle HD studio. Works seamlessly for me and seems to handle the GoPro HD files very well.
  6. The latest I have is 3817 El Alisal Street, Bakersfield CA 93304 I am about to send off an application John
  7. Still getting the same funky web site instead of the proper one. Tried to send an email to Bill but it bounced John
  8. My Safire 1 manual says to psycho pack it which I have done since it was new. 1700 jumps later never a hint of a hard opening and one chop, which was not packing related. hope this helps.
  9. When I bought my Safire in 2001 the manual recommended psycho packing so that's what I have done for the last 1,500 jumps on it. I see the manual now recommends pro packing for all their canopies--I have no plans to change.
  10. I like to put the shoe goo not just on the bottoms, but also in the seam and about 1 inch up the sides. Really protects the booties.
  11. My rigger has made an adjustable cushion (velcro closed and adjusted by adding and removing pieces of foam) that is sewn to the bottom of the pack tray. Works great, and allows me to use a smaller canopy in a bigger rig. Easily removed if needed. Hope this helps.
  12. I have heard the term used in Australia in the 1970's. I had my Paracommander in one. If I recall it was kind of like a cross between a sleeve and a bag. I was also told then that P.O.D. stood for Parachute Opening Device.
  13. Ah yes--I remember the spider slider. My foil still has the grommet in the top although it now has the D-Ring lip slider. I only use the canopy for accuracy and hop 'n pops. Currently the brakes are set well before the stall point (i.e. under canopy I can pull the toggles down to the "mark" and I'm nowhere near stalling).
  14. I would be interested in the brake settings for an old 252 Foil from the manual if anyone has a copy. It may help my openings. Yesterday I had a cutaway casued by the pilot chute and bridle coming over the front of the canopy during inflation and wrapping around some of the lines in the back. The result looked like a line over.