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  1. July 15th 1978-24yrs. old-Gave a young man a ride back to the airport after he landed in a corn field. Signed up on the spot for the one week class.
  2. I'm fairly sure being dead will be just like it was before I was born, from what I remember that was ok.
  3. Interesting take on how we got here...!
  4. I'm sure being dead will be just like it was before being born, from what I remember that was ok. April 17th 2017, 29 years straight & sober....thank you family, friends & "me"
  5. jpjc2000

    Why We Boogie

    Neat history...ty! Seems like yesterday when going to my first 'boogie", a thing called Freak Brothers in Bigfoot, Wi. 1979...and oh my was it WILD!
  6. Jesus Christ, people actually believe this shit? Nope, many believe BOTH re-pukes & dem-dummies are simply full of shit!
  7. I've never jumped there, but I agree it's legendary. Currently it's legendary for having large aircraft with no one wearing seat belts. Maybe soon it will be legendary for the tragic accident that had unnecessary fatalities. Some legends are best to read about, and not to be part of. Anything beyond you're first four words hold no validity…"Life serves us well to believe very little of what we hear and half of what we think we see"
  8. At least he's a equal opportunity political funder…
  9. Always a pleasure sharing the sky with Doc, RIP Doug!
  10. 1. It can't ever be 100% accurate. 2. It would still be geographically arbitrary, and based upon the economic status of defendants. 3. Killing people to show that killing people is wrong makes no sense. 1. Nothing is 100% accurate, who ever said it was? 2. Always been that way, will always be that way as long as humans are sucking air. 3. Killing people who killed I don't disagree with, but it's not a deterrent to someone while committing the crime.
  11. Finally…the re-pukes are learning how to play the game like dem-dummies have all along
  12. I purchased accidental death coverage of 250K for $580 per year, yes it specifically covers skydiving or any other accidental death.
  13. The joy of being surrounded by intelligent self important derelicts, a problem since forever
  14. So sorry about your situation, it's always tough. We get adopted by senior greyhounds, 9 over the last 7 years, needless to say we've had to help 6 of them into forever land. We choose to cremate them individually and pick out some kind of urn reflecting their color and attitude. I know it's more for us and not them, but it's just what we prefer to do in honoring them. That being said, it's strictly personal, what makes you comfortable…we hope smiles & fond memories replace the grief quickly.
  15. You mean to tell me there are people jumping out of date reserves or pencil packed reserves….OMG! This should be MUCH more regulated by the feds.