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  1. BoneHead RatHat. I have one if anyone's interested. Love the helmet, just not jumping. It's a size XS (21.75). K763
  2. Hear Hear! I strongly second this opinion.... Russel, you are definitely more BASE jumper than most of us! Peace, Karen
  3. For some reason this dubious gentleman comes tom mind when I read this post.... Still missed forever loved, always remembered. RIP
  4. Ok, don't know who Tdancs is but dude, I'll tell you this.. doing a heli boogie jump at Kjerag is almost like a skydive like getting a haircut is almost like getting a blow job. Take your pick... I've done both and would take one Kjerag jump even with the heli ride over 1000 skydives. But that's just me, I'm biased and I admit it. BTW, I can suck a golf ball thru a garden hose so I know what good is. Ok, rum speaking in place of my good sense. Love ya all... K PS; some of the best video I have is from the heli ride to the top of 6 in 2004. Zero g's in and thru cliff crevices with Feral and Seven giggling in the backseat...choice!!!!
  5. I agree, entertainment is in the offing.. Luigi, tho not as tall as some, is definitely HOT! Bound to be a great stunt...but won't top JP in my book... that reverse bungi/BASE stunt at the RG was way cool, and there's no cooler couple than ME/JP... Peace and love, K
  6. It looks quite like Jon Inga...one of the Norwegian Tracking Gods.
  7. Dammit! Benni was one hell of a man! I remember him getting to exit #6 in about 45 minutes, jumping and landing, then jumping OUT of the boat to swim back to Lysebotn. Here I thought Dag Atle was the strongest man in Norway, then along came Benni. Then a hot chick who shall remain nameless had some fun with Benni, sneaking up on him during the boat ride back and pushing him overboard, fully dressed and napping. Unfortunately Benni had his wallet and cell phone in his pockets, so our hot chick had to replace some valuables, but that was AFTER Benni climbed back aboard and body slammed HER into the fjord. At least she had time to empty her pockets... Then, because we always love to have fun, the two of them did a two-way off the side and back into Lyse Fjord. Later, while cooking a feast for the SBK regulars, Benni and his buddy came to the staff apt. and helped with the cooking. Smart boys, those two. It was a pleasure and a joy to have known Benni. Only the good die young... Peace Benni, you're in the best of company now. X O Karen
  8. Just so's ya all realize...I believe the subject in question is the size of the mesh, not the size of the slider. An Apex/BR canopy from 265-293 would use a 23 x 28 slider...large hole mesh for subterminal slider up. For terminal jumps I totally prefer the small mesh slider, esp. when jumping video. The small mesh slows down the opening enough to spare my neck extra stress as well as the rest of my bones... I jumped this mostly at Kjerag...but also Bridge Day. I even considered having Todd make a double-layer small mesh for Kjerag to soften it even more...but didn't get a round tuit. Hope this helps. Oh, I wouldn't recommend the small mesh for Twiin Falls....unless you plan to land in the river. Peace. K
  9. You tell 'em JJ! I can't believe the lack of respect I see from these newer jumpers towards the guys further back. Next, one of these idjits will be saying that Anne or Moe or Kevin have NOTHING of use to tell their sorry asses...because they're SKYDIVERS and they know it all!!!! And Moe's prediction comes true: skydivers with Internet and credit cards buy BASE equipment and start killing/injuring themselves left and right...and there goes the rep of BASE ever deeper into the toilet. Thanks, kids! You do BASE such a wonderful service...(heavy sarcasm obvious, I hope). Be safe, have fun, and soft landings... K
  10. Hi Csaber, Karen (from BR) here.... I read about your friend hitting the wall in Switzerland. I'm so sorry for your loss, and also for having to deal with everyone judging the incident with no facts or anything. I knew from the first second when the post said a Hungarian jumper that you would have been there. I didn't worry that it was you because I know you have more experience, but even with all the misinformation...I knew it wasn't you. I hope you and the family and friends are all doing ok. We do all make the decision for ourselves if jumping is worth risking our lives, so each person is ultimately responsible for himself. Peace and strength to you... Love, Karen PS: JJ!!! thanks for your input and please don't stop. It looks like BASE needs some of the classic teachings that kept Nick, Annie, Moe, Stein, and many others alive even after more than 2 decades of jumping. Moe predicted a huge increase in BASE fatalities a few years ago..."any skydiver with a credit card and a computer can get BASE gear"...so let's just go ahead and hand out grenades to grade-schoolers while we're at it.... Peace, K
  11. K763


    Yeah, well after shattering my right tib/fib and a year of recovering before I could walk without a limp or run faster than a lopsided jog; after having people I cared about die; after having people go in right in front of me; after experiencing the TRUE fear you get after knowing how badly it can be when it goes all pear-shaped; after watching my freezer door fill up with photos of deaders, the comets of our sport doomed to die too soon; after changing careers and finally discovering I wasn't so keen on dying now that I had a good living ahead of me; after finally admitting the risk and reward were not adding up the way they did in the beginning; and the final blow, Darcy... I quit. I did my last jump at Kjerag in July 2005, in memory of Darcy. I haven't wanted to put on a rig and jump anything since...and it took all this time to even be ok with not WANTING to jump. I had so much of "who I was" wrapped up in jumping I couldn't visualize "who I would be" if I wasn't a BASE jumper. Then after all the mental masturbation you can possibly imagine, I finally came to the place where I was at peace with not wanting to jump. It's ok to decide your life no longer is worth one fracked-up BASE jump. And I'm no less strong or free than I was when I jumped off stuff regularly. I only have decided I have many things in life worth living for, and so for now I'll live those things. Of course, I still have my Prism and FLiK 293 in the closet....you never know when a trip to Norway will come up and I'll be wanting to run off #6 full tilt screaming my fool head off... So I say "I'm in retirement", and look at Nick DG... back out of retirement and making a better show of it than Ozzy... I may jump again, in fact, I probably will, but for now I'm learning to be a Healer and who knows? Maybe someday I'll be healing y'all after a baddass weekend of BASE... And I still love it all, and most of you jokers as well (there's no accounting for taste), and I hate wondering "who's next?" Peace, Karen
  12. I think maybe we should revive the old ritual of tarring and feathering....
  13. I love the idea of the Tom Manship Memorial Iron BASE Competition. And although the idea of some of the fund going to keeping Centennial Park cleaned up and in good repair is a good one, I think the money could be used to higher purpose, such as a children's educational program. I'm all for giving the kids all the help we can, especially in education, health, and general welfare. TF is basically a small community with farming and ranching as the basis of the economy (Tom correct me as you know way more about TF) so there isn't as much money to spare for children's welfare as in a more urban setting. Centennial Park is well maintained in general, and since our future is the children in 15-20 years I think the proceeds would be better spent there. Besides, as BASE jumpers grateful for the freedom of jumping the Perrine I feel it's OUR duty to clean up the park at the end of the day. I've spent many sunsets gathering cans and trash and tidying up the Park before pulling out. The registration and pledge amounts seem high at $150 and $2500; maybe $50 to register and whatever you can get for per jump pledges would allow more people to participate. Also, keeping in mind that we are doing this as a memorial and benefit, hopefully guys won't be killing themselves to win the trophy. Being safe and having fun are the most important aspects; the money raised and how that's spent is secondary, and winning the trophy is just the gravy on the Idaho mashed potatoes. BASE competitions always tend to make me nervous as I'm afraid the young, bulletproof set is likely to lose sight of how dangerous BASE jumping is. Maybe participants should meet certain jump requirements to keep it safe and sane. Just my .02 cents which is worth about 2 cents. Peace, Karen
  14. K763


    Yeah, Nick jumped into my slot at Apex when I left back in December. I know for sure 40+ hours a week at a desk and computer really stifles the desire to sit at a computer after hours... You know, how the auto mechanic's wife's car is the last one to get any attention... Peace all, K
  15. That's it in a nutshell!!! Thanks Keith! Oh, by the way, I have a very lonely friend up here in the horsey area of Perris...do you like white older handy men???? Peace, Karen