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  1. K763


    Hey Hecy! I'll send this thread with your question to Todd, the designer of the Multi. He'll be glad to work out the dynamics and give you the low-down. Y'all, for technical questions like this, e-mailing to us is a quicker way to get an answer. We don't check the boards every day, and sometimes a week or two will go by before we have a chance to browse for things like this. We really want to address your questions however, so we'd love to hear from any of you with questions like Hecy's goodie posted here. thanks, Hecy...how long will you be in Norway this summer? peace, K
  2. K763


    PLEASE NOTE: DO NOT CREATE QUICK LINKS ON THESE ADDRESSES! We have been plagued by SPAM and have learned that the "clicky's" can be harvested and then spammed. We are avoiding this to the best of our ability.. Thanks. K
  3. K763

    New Job - High Rise Window Cleaner

    Yeah, I'm jealous!!! I had another friend that had that job, and he got very good at rope jumping. Have fun, and keep those roof access keys handy! Peace, K
  4. K763

    you gotta watch this!

    Ok, so my two favorite lines are "that's close enough for me" (to the edge) And when the ball went off the side "could someone please get that?" ME ME ME ME PLEEEEEEEZZZZEEEEEE!!!!! I'm sure horney for this one!!!! Peace, K
  5. K763

    Norway trips

    Yeah, I do! K
  6. K763

    2-way Radios

    I bought a pair of Midland 10 mile radios and took them to Norway with me. I thought the extra range would be a good thing. It turned out that the Midland radios did not work with any other radios in the area except themselves, so they were useless to me there. If you want them to work with Motorola radios as well, you may want to do some extra homework. I obviously missed something when I purchased my Midlands! oops...live and learn. have fun! xo K