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  1. That is sad. I thought different about you. But I guess you don´t have a good idea of the whole Go Fast Base scenario. Go Fast is doing a lot to legalize BASE in some countries. At least in mine it is. And doing this events helps a lot. Peace
  2. I suggest to use a long sleeve jersey, sweatshirt , or t shirt over any armor that you jump. They do have many places that a bridle could get trapped especially if doing aerials or if you open in a weird position. Lately there has been some briddle entanglements leading to deaths. my 2 pesos
  3. if you go to the temples be careful with the monkeys , they can be quite aggresive. In downtown there is a chinese area, very interesting as well. The malls are very big as well there is one in the Petronas towers. Also the food is great if you like Sushi. Lots to do , but the base is the Best. Gabo
  4. I can tell you that in Mexico there are 10 Base jumpers , but active ones only three , so of a country with 89,000,000 people I can say not many guys have " guebos" Cheers Gabo
  5. Episode 22: WING SUIT BASE JUMP In this never-before-attempted stunt, Luigi Cani will BASE jump off a cliff with a speed bike; however, instead of going down with the bike, with the help of a specially designed wing suit, he will fly up and away from the bike. Luigi is the only athlete known to date that has worked with the specially designed wing suit, which enables him to fly up and away from an object rather than down. Another twist? Luigi has never BASE jumped before! So, he'll need to start with a basic BASE jump course to prepare for the stunt. From there he will do several high-speed skydives wearing the special wing suit in order to train his body for flight position with great horizontal projection. Then, he will do test rides with the motorcycle wearing the special suit and the BASE harness to make sure that he will not be lifted up and off the motorcycle while riding at high speeds. Premiere: Feb. 19, 2007
  6. I've done 9 in one day there, I probably could have done 10 but that's pushing it, he he I like to do hikes and in México I've done a lot of hiking, but if a chopper is available I'll take the ride up, I see nothing wrong with that and it's still a base jump no matter what purists say. For instance I have never jumped an antenna that has an elevator but I think If one of the antennas in M'exico had one I would be more than pleased to jump using it. Basically I like them all hikes or no hikes . Also when I travel from México all the way to Norway I like to do as many jumps as I can that way I feel like it was money well spent. Cheers
  7. Gabo

    wingsuite base

    Hello What I mean ,and this is just my opinion, is similar to my Base experience when I first started jumping I was scared at some level , then 6 years later after having many close calls , many good friends gone , and truly understanding the sport I can tell you that I get more scared than before because I know what happens if things go slightly wrong. So when I started jumping a W/S I had not a lot of experience and I wasn't that aware of the dangers, when I received my V1 even though I had like 70 W/S jumps with other suits I was more scared of jumping the V1 because I was really aware of the difference with the suit, it is for experienced jumpers and you have more things to worry like, dangers of a bad exit, having the pilot chute behind my back and not inflating in time, etc.. Now don't get me wrong I jump my V1 as much as I can and I already put more than 50 Base jumps on it, I am just more aware of dangers on every jump and I get very scared sometimes. Especially on new places. Cheers Gabo
  8. Gabo

    wingsuite base

    Hello I had less than 10 WS jumps from a plane when I did my first wingsuit Base , I wasn't very well informed at that time and I don't recommend what I did. Somehow I survived he he . I started with a GTI , then a Skyflyer and a crossbow, but when I bought my V-1 I was so scared of it that I put like 50 jumps on it before I did my first BASE. Like unclecharlie says when you det more experience you get more fear. Cheers Gabo
  9. Muchas Felicidades : Siempre es padre abrir un nuevo exit point o un territorio. Saludos desde México Gabo
  10. I personally think this is one of the best places I have jumped in my life. I loved the trip, the people and the food, he he . I totally recommend it. Ay Chihuahua. Gabo
  11. Ay Caramba!!!! That's a story I'd like to hear. I am really glad you are Ok Wildy. Cheers Gabo
  12. Gabo

    Camera advice

    Hello I need some advice. A friend of mine landed in the water with my Sony Pc110 camera, obviously it is dead now. I don't know much about cameras so I want to ask what are you using or what do you recommend for Base , cameras change a lot so if you recently bought one and could tell me about it that would be great. Also are you guys using HDV cameras? I saw a Cannon HDV that looks nice and compact and below the $ 1000 dls. I also noticed the cameras that don't use cassetes anymore , are they good. Any info will be very apreciated. Cheers Gabo
  13. Wow , congratulations to Scott and the Go Fast crew. I wish to be in that catapult one day , I Imagine the feeling must be awesome. Maybe one day we could catapult ourselves from cliffs , we have a couple in México that would be perfect for the system Gabo
  14. Gabo

    ITW Fatality

    I am very sad , I will miss Eddie a lot. Thanks for the good times at KL Eddie. Tu amigo Gabo
  15. 31 and 5 years jumping I am still very young and don´t have much experience . I guess I have to continue jumping. Cheers