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  1. SpecialKaye

    AFF Student Loses both instructors

    As always Tom, good post.
  2. SpecialKaye

    in need of a rigger near Myrtle Beach

    Yeah, well you and I both know there's plenty of riggers that pack rigs with a pen, not sweat...and use being "busy" as an excuse to "leave the rig and pick it up later". I always encourage my customers to sit back and watch their rigs be packed, that way they know the rig has been packed and maybe learned something...I also have them pull the handles because it may be the only time they pull the handles, but they are aware of pulling them.
  3. SpecialKaye

    in need of a rigger near Myrtle Beach

    I don't know what you're doing to keep someone's gear from them for a day or two...I do a full inspection and repack in a matter of 3 hours and that's going slow. I charge extra for a rush, but certainly can and will accomodate someone wanting their gear packed right away. I packed someone's reserve on a Sunday when they just showed up a couple weeks ago....he sat there and watched me pack his reserve, which he had never been able to do before because of riggers that wanted the gear dropped off and come back later...I suspect the gear wasn't getting repacked, just signed off.
  4. SpecialKaye

    Tree landing - Crosskeys, NJ - 16 August 2007

    Yeah, Titusville is another that if you don't make the landing area, you're pretty f*cked...streets, backyards, powerlines everywhere...and trees! I'm sure there's plenty of other DZ's across the country with the same problem.
  5. SpecialKaye

    Need opinions on pricing my gear to sell

    Has your gear been opened up and inspected in the past 2 years? If the cypres has been packed for the past two years, you could have gear that's worthless if the batteries leaked. You could have had mice eat your reserve or main. So much could have happened in a two year period and unless a rigger has inspected the gear, there's no way to know for sure. Blue skies, Kaye
  6. SpecialKaye

    Need opinions on pricing my gear to sell

    what kind of info on the cypres? DOM, test & cal, batteries. Without the cypres, I would put around $2500 on it, based on pristine condition. $3000 with the cypres...which would be fair to you and the new buyer...which would be the third owner. The way to value the cypres is take the 12 years on it, divide the 12 by what you paid for it and decrease the value by that. So if it's 4 years old, needs the test, cal & batteries and you paid 1200 for it...I would offer you $650 for the cypres. You're not going to get what you put into it, so long as you realize that, you'll be better able to value it.
  7. SpecialKaye

    UPT/RWS Riggers

    Since there is a change to the reserve container, here in the states, it must be done by a master rigger or the manufacturer or a sr. rigger under the supervision and inspected by a master rigger... FAR part 65, which governs rigging.
  8. SpecialKaye

    On The Edge

    It took me 12 jumps to get through the 7 levels. I did level 4, 3 times. The more you relax, the better off you will be.
  9. SpecialKaye

    Favorite gear bag?

    I've seen quite a few people picking up the bags with wheels lately. Wally world is a good start...I'm sure you can find some kind of deal there. A friend of mine uses the Marlboro travel sports bags (with wheels) when he travels...they have a lot of room, quite a few compartments and pull behind pretty easy. Good luck. Kaye
  10. SpecialKaye


    congrats on the 1st chop and glad everything worked out great. very cool...Marta did good with her inventive mind in the base world that has moved over to skydiving. was it a vector or javelin?
  11. SpecialKaye

    My first save....

    I've only counted it as one...but I guess technically, it could be two.
  12. SpecialKaye

    My first save....

    Congrats!!! I've got 8 saves and I've been rigging for 11 years (I got my ticket 4 years ago)....one of my saves was a tandem save...I was met at Bridge Day (the week I got my ticket) with a bottle of Kahlua and a gallon of milk from the tandem instructor.
  13. SpecialKaye

    Rigger Seal Symbol

    My symbol is pretty cool...T4K...tea for Kaye...I love tea...it was one of the cooler ones that Dave DeWolf had available when I got mine. I will admit, I have to squeeze the shit out of my press to get it right.
  14. SpecialKaye

    Rigger Seal Symbol

    just like riggers that haven't packed anything for years, but the seal continues to be used...i know of a few of those...
  15. SpecialKaye

    Rigger Seal Symbol

    The examiner lets you pick if you pick your ass, it's personal