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  1. SpecialKaye

    Need opinions on pricing my gear to sell

    what kind of info on the cypres? DOM, test & cal, batteries. Without the cypres, I would put around $2500 on it, based on pristine condition. $3000 with the cypres...which would be fair to you and the new buyer...which would be the third owner. The way to value the cypres is take the 12 years on it, divide the 12 by what you paid for it and decrease the value by that. So if it's 4 years old, needs the test, cal & batteries and you paid 1200 for it...I would offer you $650 for the cypres. You're not going to get what you put into it, so long as you realize that, you'll be better able to value it.
  2. SpecialKaye

    Favorite gear bag?

    I've seen quite a few people picking up the bags with wheels lately. Wally world is a good start...I'm sure you can find some kind of deal there. A friend of mine uses the Marlboro travel sports bags (with wheels) when he travels...they have a lot of room, quite a few compartments and pull behind pretty easy. Good luck. Kaye
  3. SpecialKaye

    Celebrate life

    Happy Birthday to those that are one year older...I recently turned 42 and glad to be ALIVE! Later, Kaye
  4. SpecialKaye

    Sunpath Javelin delivery time

    i'd imagine it has to do with the rsl issue. some jumpers have a tendancy of sending their gear to the mfr to make sure it's done in accordance...or, their rigger is only a sr. the rsl issue has to be resolved with a master rigger. k
  5. My 1st question is why are they telling you that you need to buy the J7 container if the Racer is in "good/great shape"? Is your rigger/instructor trying to sell you the J7? It is no problem to either A. make an RSL to replace the missing one; or B. contact Jump Shack and have one shipped. The J7 is going to have the Sabre 230 swimming in the container when you downsize. I would not recommend buying a PD260 when you already have the Raven 4 for a main...both are F111 and don't have a long life. The Sabre 230 will have a much longer life expectancy. I guess it's my food for thought as a rigger. Kaye
  6. SpecialKaye

    B.A.S.E. without Skydiving experience?

    I met a guy at the potato bridge in 01 that was being taught base with no skydiving experience. He was being taught by way of static line...no freefalls on any of his base jumps until he had so many jumps. Then saw him at BD 02 and he had over 100 basejumps, still with no skydiving. He's very heads up and has great canopy skills. Yeah, it's possible to enter base with no skydiving. My attitude is: "all basejumpers can skydive, but not all skydivers can basejump". Maybe they can't skydive well, but they can save themselves. Most likely, they won't kill themselves with low turns, either. Blue skies, K
  7. SpecialKaye

    Balloon Jumps in Orlando

    who's the balloonist? where is it taking off from? has the balloon pilot flown jumpers before? is is the same guy that was going to do balloon jumps at lake wales before and kept "rescheduling"? thanks for the info. kaye
  8. lexis/nexis...westlaw...findlaw.com
  9. SpecialKaye

    Bridge Day - Need Rig

    PM me
  10. SpecialKaye

    NPS's BASE Jumper Suspect List

    Good one, Jason! Maybe Fred can use this to do something about the bureacrats that seem to think it okay the idea of allowing rapellers and hang-gliders to use the parks while arresting basejumpers for using the parks in the way we enjoy. It kinda pissed me off when I supported Fayette County in 2001, just 5 weeks after 9-11, and here they are allowing the rapellers to use the bridge...to include blocking traffic while a ZIP line was run from side to side. There was no reason why the jumpers that supported the community couldn't have used the catwalk, same as the rapellers were being allowed. Guess they can't continue to deny the existence any longer! Thanks Jason! Kaye