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  1. If the stats on the SkyVenture site are correct (12 ft., 875 HP), I'd say no. My general rule of thumb is you need to have the combined fans HP at least 100 x the diameter in feet to be able to comfortably freefly. Especially if you're a naturally fast faller.
  2. likearock

    Using Tunnel to test wingsuit

    You have some serious problems with that. Think of a wingsuit as mini-parachute, that's how its designed. As I'm sure you know, an open parachute in wind tunnel is a huge problem. As far as securing it to the floor, even if that could be done, how would that even be useful in learning to operate the wingsuit? You need to be able to react to the wind and see how the wing responds. Maybe, instead of a vertical wind tunnel, you had more of a horizontal one?
  3. likearock

    8 way vfs - freefly routines

    Any reason why this URL's server is rather than youtube? Asking because that's usually a way to get user's to go to a scam site. Perhaps this account has been hacked?
  4. What you're suggesting is to maintain an electronic blacklist for all skydivers that have been judged to be "unsafe" by some standard. Ultimately, that's the only way DZO enforcement would have any teeth since without it, the problem jumper can simply go DZ shopping (as was the case in this incident). Of course, implementation of that kind of policy opens up a whole set of other questions. Who puts the names on the list? What is the criteria? What's the policy for getting your name removed from the list? Are we as a community really okay with that kind of measure?
  5. likearock

    Xmas tunnel time

  6. likearock

    Joe Winters coaching: how to make the most of it?

    Quite simply - Joe is the best, bar none. My only advice is to book him early and often. He'll handle the rest.
  7. likearock

    Tunnel Injury

    Pre-existing condition?