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  1. This may have been asked before but is there any way to obtain the video from the Freefly Chronicles series? Does anyone still have the VHS cassettes? Better still, has anyone digitized them? I used to have volumes II and III and they were amazing. It would be a shame if that little slice of history is lost.
  2. Just pick one, call them up and ask for a job.
  3. I guess the point I'm making is that you probably wouldn't want to "encourage" the untwisting of a single line twist by pulling on the riser. Or do you disagree? It would be good to have procedure to follow if we find ourselves in such a situation.
  4. Well, except for the full line twist on the main. Would a single line twist on one canopy of a two-out mean it's not landable though? You still have plenty of nylon over your head.
  5. Nik is a great coach. I've done over 6 hours with him during the last two Xmas boogies. Really good ability to analyze your weaknesses and design drills to correct them.
  6. Texas is a notable exception...getting shafted even worse than California. But not worse than New York.
  7. You still haven't figured out that: 1. You and people just like you are the ones causing this nation to be divided. Oh, I see. It's all Ron's fault. All that 'class war' bullshit that has been spewed by the left has been completely meaningless. I don't know about the rest of you, but when someone slaps me in the face I write them off. Screw 'em. Show me where I said that the right was the cause. I said people like him, not republicans. first of all he claims to not be a republican. Secondly he is as divisive as anyone that I have ever seen post. He continually posts about how stupid and horrible half the country is then complains about how divided things have become. People like him on both sides of the aisle are the reason that we are so divided. Then he continually advocates that half of the country secede from the union. If that isn't divisive then I don't know what is. As for the second part. The blue states continually contribute more in taxes than they get back while the red states get more than they contribute. Than means that the lazy freeloading blue states actually are the ones that support the hard working patriotic red states Well good, at least you acknowledge that it's a mutual problem. You guys who bitch about "makers and takers" should take a look at this article.
  8. Words that sound like Obama, or loudspeakers with his face on? (good for community organising) New iPhone form factor.
  9. I just knew someone would bring that up. Priceless!
  10. Huh? The GOP cannot gerrymander. Second, I live in Cali and gerrymandering is downright extreme here. And third, name a district that has not been gerrymandered. here are the ones I know of: (1) Alaska (2) Delaware (3) Montana (4) North Dakota (5) South Dakota (6) Vermont (7) Wyoming (8) District of Columbia Because they only have one electoral district. Other than that, it's all been gerrymandered. Drawn and redrawn by the parties in power. Yes, both parties are not blameless here. But the aggregate stats that Kallend provides show that Republicans do it to a greater degree.
  11. Such a chicken..... Chickens will continue to lay eggs. As for predicting human behavior, only a moron would think that possible. We should all be such morons.
  12. If they do run with it, it would be a prime example of them overplaying their hand. The 47% video is devastating enough - no need to pile on. Besides which, other than the word choice for "harvest", what Romney's saying is not that different from your garden variety venture capitalist spiel. Nothing to see here.
  13. It's a "shame?" really, a shame?;post=1971076
  14. It's possible. Even probable. Post a gaffe from the RNC convention that is as good as the one above. Umm, how about the fact that Mr. Romney never even mentioned our troops in his speech at all?
  15. Nope. People change their minds all the time. You expect anyone to make a statement and right, wrong or indifferent to go to their grave with it? Let's hope not. I guess it's a matter of degree. For instance, if someone's signature achievement in public office is health care reform (as is the case with Mitt Romney), it takes an extraordinary effort of self-betrayal to not even be able to mention that during the convention that just nominated him for president. In this case it's not just a statement he's flip-flopping on, it's the most significant milestone in his political life.
  16. What about a significant issue? You have a problem with that by any chance? Abortion is not a significant issue; That's bullshit and you know it. That statement tells me how important you really feel this issue is. So it doesn't make you even a little uneasy that your shining knight has done a complete 180 on this - one of the most obvious flip flops in the history of politics?
  17. What about a significant issue? You have a problem with that by any chance?
  18. It's interesting how the truth reveals itself through humor.
  19. Yep. Anyone that ran a single marathon is going to remember the time. Particularly the fitness buffs, which he undoubtably would be considered. No, he was counting on the fact that race records from that era weren't so well recorded as any 5k and up is these days. But it was a dumb move- for a 20yo doing his first, esp one that's more of a body builder type, 4:01 is perfectly respectable, if 1 minute slower than you'd like. But 2:50s invites attention...and now ridicule. While Republicans love to strip everything of its context, let's not forget that we're talking about the same guy that can't help himself when stretching the truth. He's a serial liar. Period.
  20. "Clint Eastwood became huge star as a man of few words As a surprise guest on the Tampa stage he had too many words (I say as a friend)," - Tom Brokaw
  21. Here's something I realized during one of Francesco's angle flying camps at the Ranch: The difference between a delta tracking position and head down backwards motion is really just a few degrees of angle - they're basically the same body orientation. Once you understand that, you can see just how similar this "delta" breakoff strategy for head-up is to the widely accepted breakoff for head-down. Take a look: Beginning Head-down: Turn 180 degrees while clearing your airspace. Head-up: Turn 180 degrees while clearing your airspace. Middle Head-down: Initiate movement away from the center of the formation by means of HD forward motion. Head-up: Initiate movement away from the center of the formation by means of HD backwards motion. End Head-down: Gradually transform the HD orientation to a flat track to distance yourself from the formation. Head-up: Gradually transform the HD orientation to a flat track to distance yourself from the formation. BTW, congratulations to all on the new HD record!
  22. If the stats on the SkyVenture site are correct (12 ft., 875 HP), I'd say no. My general rule of thumb is you need to have the combined fans HP at least 100 x the diameter in feet to be able to comfortably freefly. Especially if you're a naturally fast faller.
  23. In 2008, Romney released 23 years worth of past tax returns when he was being considered for McCain's vice president. Now that he's running for president, shouldn't the American people be entitled to the same level of transparency as he gave to McCain?