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  1. Full system mirage g4 BLK YLW, sabre2 135 R W BLU, smart 120,cypress 2. Full system mirage g4 BLK YLW, sabre2 135 R W BLU, smart 120,cypress 2. Also a tonfly cc1 BLK with YLW chin cup, gopro black+ mount, viso optima
  2. likearock's got it in one buddy. There's new tunnels opening up all over the world and they'ill all be running instructor courses
  3. Thanks Apu I was just gona laugh at fud. I wouldn't wear them when clocked in at airkix. Wouldn't want to promote bringing anything loose into the tunnel. just for staff flying
  4. damn it! I've been rumbled No its not me :)
  5. cheers dude ill check em out. super cheap too!
  6. Hey dudes I'm an instructor at airkix. I was flying last week and thought i would use my ipod. stupid ear phones kept falling out into my helmet and wasn't great for the short time they were in. anyone know what earphones are good for the tunnel?
  7. Thanks man! Bording then tunnel flying,ill go bankrupt! are there any good sites about to check progress?
  8. Is it true? Someone at my DZ told me about plans to build a wind tunnell in manchester in the next 18 months or so,but then I was pretty pissed too.If its true I better apply for a new credit card straight after this!!
  9. Thanks for help.I should have updated my profile realy i have got 300 jumps and have done canopy course along with some coaching inbetween.If the stilletto is slightly less eliptical than the other two ill demo one first and take it from there.
  10. Hi all! i will soon be puchasing a new canopy and my mind was made up-stilletto,but one thing is putting me off and thats its rep for bad openings. Should I go for somthing similer like a springo or a crossfire as I have always jumped PD and am a bit causious about trying somthing else? Is there much differance in riser pressure, flare,openings etc.what are the pros and cons basically. Any info would be greatly appreciated thanks. Blue ones Joe
  11. hey dudes, got a second hand container and it looks a bit dirty.does anyone know how to clean the container. without damaging it! ie what cleaning products are safe to use.thanks i'm going to go jump my filthy rig now looking like an as***le .blue skies!
  12. i live in the uk and have placed a wanted add on the classifieds for a new rig.I have received a good offer from someone in the US but am very reluctant to part with the cash because i have no guarantee that the goods will ever arrive!? what is the best way to go about this?and is there a way to guarantee both parties receive there goods?