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  1. WEll I'm 6 months late reading this thread...but I found it to be very revealing and informative! Great job all! any comments on my business: :) I would love the feedback! Thanks! Melissa Bennae RB#854
  2. IT made you famous TRIPOD! look i wanted to be naked too but it was JOI remember..and shannon who wanted to keep on the bathing and April did go out w/ nothing but our little panties on....and wow what a shot I got!! if you sit in your panties they will blow up to your neck...might as well got naked! WE are ready for another Kling. was just talking to Snorre our new pilot about it this weekend! He's ready and we get a go around!!!.. Melissa Bennae RB#854
  3. every one is right! ONLY you know if you want to skip the guy on your back thing... I didn't hear anyone mention static line...very cheap...if you can find a DZ doing it! I was a Stay At home Mom when I did the I had no Money....but I did it! I like the tandem progression....also...very good instruction there! it's a happy medium...! Melissa Bennae RB#854
  4. Condolences from SSC and RBW! Missy and Rook...continue on w/ your DAD in your heart and in your souls...he gave you gift of flight now pass it on! He will be w/ you forever now on every jump yall make... I know my Dad is... Melissa Bennae RB#854
  5. Prayers and thoughts! Get better soon we'll need more suits!
  6. Nice to know you are thinking of your student...since he still is a student. He just needs the right tell him he should get his's a new goal...make it a goal for him. Just like graduation ...If you incourage them from the beginning to go for all your A, B and your C and the reason why..MOST get the picture it benefits them to have these levels accomplished. Maybe give him a SIMS... However, I know several people who just don't care if they get their A's or whatever...but they can't come jump with me...unless they are at least a USPA member. You never said if he is a current USPA member... I would also want to do a 2way kiss pass fun jump too..but i'm a girl and we get away with things like that. Keep at it ...and remember it's only for his benefit! Melissa Bennae RB#854
  7. I had inquried about mirage a couple of weeks ago...just wondering if you filled position? Who is new rep! We would love for someone to stop by SSC...several nice mirage's here flyin! Melissa Bennae RB#854
  8. Whose got instructeritis! That's the funny ones!!~ ...I've seen 4 now in the last year....girl meets instructor....tandem/ then they are back for FJC and giggling the whole thing...they are necking on the side of the hangar! JM loves it he's got a girl w/ some $$$ and real job he's got a place to live and eat! and sleep! NO more bills for JM....he's a kept man now! Melissa Bennae RB#854
  9. This is a very big landing area..very beautiful town and great people! Some great skydivers have come from I have heard and seen the video..Jim Slaton, Jeremy Nease, Jeremy Wilder, Tony Canant. Home of the Citadel Skydive Club run by Dr. Robert Sinnott. The best riggers and packers...I've ever known! Maybe one day...a Grand Caravan or King Air will show up and make it Gold!
  10. melissagsc


    Boyfriend bought one.. used ... I like packing not like most zero p..not so slippy. Haven't jumped it..but he likes it says it opens slow and soft.
  11. yes couples work great...i wouldn't ever be w/ anyone else. It's a soul mate match for sure when you both love jumping. Melissa Bennae RB#854
  12. My name is Melissa Bennae...or it will be soon...I'm a wireless communications consultant and a Mommy to a 3 year old little girl and a widow too... and moving to FLA to jump all year...and retire and take the BIC so I can teach others how to fly! Might as well come to FLA Mr. Gordon..You know i'll need you to set up my hub again! If I don't see ya before I go {{{{{kisses}}}}}}} for all your time spent w/ me and Todd fixing my pos puter! should have come to the Chester boogie this weekend the CASA was great!!! Edited by melissagsc on 7/23/01 12:03 PM.
  13. I have made the decision to move out w/ my 2 boys and focus on our happiness and wellbeing. if you had said two girls I would have known you were Kristina...and who is Kristina she is the wife of my boyfriend who sounds like your husband. I think ultimateskygod is probably more into it than your man....but I am the other woman who know this he will continue and it's to bad you really can't understand..or maybe you do and the issues are deeper...I can't imagine being with anybody but skydivers...they are my friends and family for sure...Jumping isn't for everyone..sorry you didn't like it Kristina didn't either. She and I had a long talk today and I told her to get on with her life to be what makes her happy and don't worry about USG (ulitmate sky god)(it's a joke)..the funny thing is she warned me..."he's all about him"...well maybe..but we are happy and free fall is great. Don't be surprized either if he heads south like and don't be surprized if your sons all want to DAD. I'm sure they will. Just think he could have been a BASE jumper too!