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  1. I use my Z1 for freeflying all the time. Been doing it for a few years, and never had a problem with the visor flipping open!
  2. I have no idea how many miles but it's about 1 hour and 45 minutes with no traffic and it's worth every single minute!
  3. ***Go ahead, do the sunset load without me. I'll jump tomorrow instead or wait for the night jump load Wink Where's the fun in that!!
  4. The only injury i had so far is a pretty bad twisted ankle, landed in a mini bush in a ditch that was near the target , the landing area wasnt very safe at that DZ. Never broken a bone in my entire life and hopefully it will stay that way. Too much time i dont wanna waste.
  5. Base jump off of Angel Falls Become a police officer Around the world trip Hold a world record Backpacking trip Hang gliding Fly a plane Sking trip in Switzerland
  6. My parents were completly againt it at the beginning, i was turning 17 soon so they had to sign my waivers, and i actually convinced them. Now they support me a lot, and i''m out there every weekend jumping my butt off as much as my money will let me. But i guess every situation is different.
  7. I would definitly say no. I find that i would live a better life with the money i have now than if i would have a billion dollars. Money doesnt buy happiness. I dont need money to live my life to the fullest!
  8. Hmmmm i think my biggest flaw would be that when i first meet people i can be extremely shy, which gives out the wrong impression of me, cause when i get comfortable i'm quite the opposite. It's quite frustrating !
  9. There's good chances i'm making my 100th jump this weekend. I'm thinking of making an intentional cutaway(with a third chute of course). I'm not completely sure yet.Does anybody have any other ideas of what i should do?
  10. My first jump was a month after my 16th birthday, it was a tandem out of a cessna 182 at 10 000 feet. It was also my first time on a plane ride. The next year i came back to do a student jump at 3500 at the same place, on mai 19 2003 on a pelican 284. It was an amazing day, i met a bunch of cool people, especially this one guy that i'll never forget, who made my day even greater. When i landed everything was blurry and i was lost in everything, i've been skydiving regularly since
  11. I`m 120 lbs without gear! Sucks using student equipement when ure not that heavy especially in cold weather , you stay in the sky forever! But luckily i just got my new equipement
  12. My ears are always fine after a jump except one time, i hadnt jumped for 3 weeks cause of the weather, and finally when it was sunny i had a really bad cold, so i did three jumps that day anyway, my ears blocked in the airplane a little, and my teeth hurt when i opened my parachute and i couldnt hear that well when i got to the ground but that`s about it. I was pretty lucky
  13. Don't worry bout it, they'll eventually get used to the idea, well they wont really have a choice . I first told them i wanted to skydive when i was 16, at first they flipped out and said they would never let me, but a few months after they signed my waiver and now i jump regularly. They even give me rides to the dropzone and help me pay off some of my jumps. Just give them time!