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  1. I am more than highly amused
  2. ... you're a woman and your sex drive is high enough that you sometimes wonder if it's equal to (or maybe a smidge less ) than a man's sex drive ... ...cause sometimes I wonder ...
  3. While I'm not an Aggie... that article does not begin (I'll give him credit for a few kind words in the middle) or end with any general respect to Texas A&M University. In fact, I opened the link, read about 3 paragraphs and already felt I was wasting my time. I proceeded to read the entire article... at a later time. While truth lies in that article, I would not call it a 'decent read' or anything worth supporting. And in many aspects, it's flat out rude. If it's a trademark/legal dispute... let those types handle the situation. The guy that wrote that article is most likely NOT a lawyer and probably just looking to get a laugh from some and piss off others. It sounds like something a Texas Tech fan would write about the Aggies. The Raiders hate the Aggies... and are very disrespectful to the Aggies on their own turf. But.. like AggieDave said, I have more important things to do with my life then keep up with articles and events like this. I'm sad that that article converted you into a Texas fan. I like both schools, but Texas A&M is clearly a 5 Star school I would send my kids there anyday, regardless of how the football team plays.
  4. I've researched a bit about it on but I'd really like to hear about it from someone who has experienced it. Has anyone out there taken that route? How did you handle Basic Training? What was OCS like?
  5. Tell me, please... what is it that attracts us to alcohol (and drinking it)? Why do we do it? All thoughts are welcomed....
  6. When did you know that you had found the person you wanted to marry? Huh? I think I have found the one.... But then I think... is this for real? I worry ... I don't know if it's a fear of the commitment or fear of him not being a good match for me. As of now, I see us working wonderfully together... but what about the future? So many questions...
  7. i like that idea... "the good conduct pass"
  8. And yes, I'm referring to sexual partner. Could you go through your whole life with only one sexual partner? yes or no.
  9. Yikes, this thread took off... Personally, I'm all for euthanasia. It is after all a personal choice. Being selfish and religion seem to be the reoccuring themes... Well said. I agree.
  10. Almost everyone that has posted is in favor of euthanasia and yet it is illegal in all but one state of the United States. Could anyone elaborate more on why they believe euthanasia has not been legalized in the US? Is there anyone against euthanasia?
  11. Isn't euthanasia illegal in every state of the US except for one? Oregon, is it? hmm... interesting.
  12. I agree. If I am in a comatose state... by no means would I want to continue living. So, what about the non comatose.... Dogs and humans are very very different. I won't open that can of worms unless it is necessary... but you can not compare the two.
  13. What are your thoughts on euthanasia? (specifically in a medical situation) Two opposing sides: "We should as a society say no, and decisively so, to euthanasia and assisted suicide...If a death marked by pain or suffering is a nasty death, a natural biological evil of a supreme kind, euthanasia and assisted suicide are wrong and harmful responses to that evil." (Daniel Callahan "Aid-in-Dying") "To claim that a an incessantly pain-racked but conscious person cannot make a rational choice in matters of life and death is to misconstrue the point: he or she, better than anyone else, can make such a choice, based on intimate acquaintance with pain and his or her own beliefs and fears about death. If the patient wishes to live, despite such suffering, he or she must be allowed to do so; or the patient must be granted help if he or she wishes to die." (Margaret Pabst Battin "The Case for Euthanasia) I'd like to hear your thoughts on either side of the issue. Curiosity is my motive.
  14. Just a follow up to Turtlespeed's thread... I think Jumper03 said it the best, of course he was talking about women... but the same applies... My favorite piercings on men are the ones you can't see when they are fully clothed... What are your thoughts?