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  1. Add me to the list. Not only did he try once but I got his crap on both adds I currently have up! Some people's kids....... Edited to add my last reply to him....before seeing this post when I logged on to report him! to Leon Just forget it dude. I set the terms for selling my gear, not you....try your games on somebody else....good luck. You have my phone number.....you blew it by not calling. And yes, I will notify DZ.com of my gut feeling that you're a scammer.... Don't waste your time with any further bullshit emails to me. Farewell Do you know where your tools are?
  2. We have about a dozen EG suits we put on our tandem students. They've held up very well for a few years now....especially considering the constant abuse the receive with most of our TMs sliding their students in on their butts! I know of 2 other funjumpers here using EG suits....one is a RW suit and another is a freefly suit. I think both customers are pleased....at least I've, never heard any complaints Do you know where your tools are?
  3. Hardly workin... Pic by Johnny E Do you know where your tools are?
  4. Still loving mine after a full season.....here's a shot from last week. Props dude, it has saved a bunch of wear and tear on my neck and works like a charm. Cya, Tom Do you know where your tools are?
  5. Yes, there's but yet another satisfied customer....me.
  6. Greetings, Wire cutters will actually make the job harder....they will smash the cable before cutting it and will leave a squared off flat cut cable to deal with....they sell actual cable cutters with a "V" cut to avoid this but at the cost of $65 bucks or so. I use another tool in my arsenal....my dremmel with a cut-off wheel. I've found it works quite well and leaves a ROUND cable end to dress up. Your milage may vary. One more thing.....back to basics....measure twice, cut once. Cya, Tom Do you know where your tools are?
  7. This site drives me nuts.....the pissing contests you need to sort thru for information leaves me feeling dirty half the time. Hey Mark, Michael gave the dude my number last Friday and he called me. I passed him along to Moe that day because my machines are torn down and scattered all over the place right now....my new shop is awaiting the power company to give me juice so I can get my shit set back up....should be this week. YAY! You'll need to take a ride down here and check it out....you'll be impressed.
  8. Greetings, Without going into detail to generate a bunch of crap on here I just want to say that ChutingStar's gear sales is righteous in my book. Over the years I've dealt with a lot of dealers but have to say I am exceptionally impressed by Jay's service concerning a problem with a recent purchase....my first purchase from them certainly won't be my last. If you're in the market for Cookie Composite products, this is a great source here in the states. I've always dealt directly with Jason and Jeremy half way around the world (with fantastic service as well) and decided to give one of their dealers a try this time...with no regrets! Keep up the great work guys.....you're a breath of fresh air in a world full of bullshit......THANX! On another note, anybody want some snow? I have several feet of it for sale.....sigh. Come on springtime......... Do you know where your tools are?
  9. Greetings, I've read this entire thread twice now and have not seen mention of something I learned from my own experience......and it needs to be mentioned IMHO...... I had several hundred flights on multiple suits and had been in a few spins I had no problem getting out of. A few years ago I was flying an Acro, which was on of the EASIEST suits I ever fly yet wound up in a flat spin while doing a solo jump practicing some acrobatics (flailing...lol!) that lasted 5-6000 feet. I made 2 attempts at balling up and flipping/flying out of it.....with the spin only increasing in intensity. The 3rd time I had problems even balling up.....the g-forces were overwhelming. I was barely able to grab my legs and pull my knees to my chest....and DISTINCTLY remember seeing the leg wing still inflated due to the back vents. I CROSSED MY FEET/ANKLES to collapse the inflation my hips and legs weren't strong enough to collapse.....and it worked....the spin slowed. I was probably momentarily unsymmetrical as I had to straighten/twist my legs to even get my feet overlapped to lock them together, but at that point it didn't matter! It was my 3rd try and I was below 4 grand...... My point? CROSSING MY ANKLES and physically pulling my legs to my chest with my hands/arms is now part of MY emergency procedures to stop a flat spin......your milage may vary. There. I've said it. As much as I hate posting on forums, I hope my own personal experience and resulting knowledge I gained helps another person someday...... Be well. Do you know where your tools are?
  10. punchur

    Camera Suit

    After jumping a Firefly freefly suit for a couple years, I then bought their camera suit and have used it for probably 75% of my jumps in the last few years with absolutely NO problems. It is a one piece suit free fly suit with medium size wings using RSL clip releases and flared cut arms and legs. I have fantastic range with the suit and it has held up exceptionally well to the rigors it endures. I like it so much I just had them make me a camera Jacket for those hot days and faster falling loads that I can get away with wearing shorts. And to be honest, I like it even better than the full suit...the wings attach just a little different than my 3 year old suit and I think I have gained even more range. If you are in the market for quality, you can't go wrong with a Firefly suit. Not only that, you couldn't ask to deal with anybody any nicer than Sherry...she gets my vote!
  11. [I noticed a big difference in low light conditions, but not so much during bright days for fill flash..] Have you tried using the built in diffuser when the flash was mounted in a vertical configuration? Do you know where your tools are?
  12. punchur

    Mxv Helmet

    I bought this setup 2 winters ago and have now used it for two seasons with no regrets! I sidemounted my PC105 and have a Rebel mounted on top. The helmet is quiet, comfortable and a great product in my opinion. The only "problem" I have encountered is with the Black Box having a tendency to flex when I pull the helmet on and the lid would occasionally "pop" out of alignment. This was easy to "fix" by my use gaffer tape...I merely put a strip over the bungee and the seam where the box closes. I feel this precaution also serves as a "backup" to the bungee closure anyhow, so no big deal. I've noticed on a friend's newer model Black Box that it's "lip" is bigger now; I assume this revision to the Black Box has fixed the minor "quirk" that I have with my "older" model. When asked if I like my "Cookie" products, I recommend them without hesitation!
  13. Cookie offers his own and it's shown on the website. I got one last year when they became available. It's a great set up and it was a breeze to install...why not use the one designed for the helmet rather than messing around with another brand or somebody's home made version. It's your choice but I can honestly say I'm happy with my genuine Cookie model. Cya, Tom Do you know where your tools are?