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  1. My 100% subjective take... Interesting exercise. I've done a fair amount of freeflying in the past so I found that my brain sort of instinctively processed the original from a headdown perspective. But you're right, if you're not used to that sort of orientation, the original may look a little odd. I think you have the right idea in taking everything up to the exit rightside up, then flipping the headdown footage. That way the video is 100% sky->up, ground->down oriented.
  2. OK this whole two wingsuit-BASE-jumping-Yuris is just too confusing. Yuri (outrager) posted in this thread and you're linking to Yuri's (yuri_base) Z-Device thread.
  3. My freefall photography career is a short one, but these are the favorites of my favorites.
  4. Until the canopy pilot decides to make a sudden turn because outs were neither considered nor discussed...
  5. Pilot 150 loaded about 1.5-ish. I've only had it spin up on me once in about 100 jumps on it... and then it just kept flying on straight while I kicked 'em out. Doesn't seem to really care whether you trash pack it or not, opens the same pretty much every time. Front risers on it are a hoot! The recovery arc is so short that you can pretty much dive it until flare time and get a decent little surf out of it.
  6. And so begins vidiction. I have it bad myself.
  7. Nice work! I'm afraid to ask how much the carbon fabric cost.
  8. Don't MAKE me stop this car and come back there!
  9. I've only been to the Utah FlockU event, so I don't have the widest perpective that others may have, but here's my $0.02. Advanced - I personally really like the vertical/3D work you guys have been doing. Adding multiple points CRW-style would be very cool. Beginner/Intermediate - It seems to me that one of the big keys to more advanced flocking is getting to your slot FAST. Sessions on getting to your slot quickly and smoothly, and especially overcoming, as I call it, "crash-o-phobia" (which slows you down as you approach... stop... approach... stop... approach... stop...) would be fantastic. Oh and beer.... lots of beer.
  10. It is hurricane season here. If I got some rope and found a sturdy tree... hmmmm....
  11. Those guys are tearing it up! Let's hope it catches on and we start seeing more and more cool & creative vertical flocks! So many possibilities!
  12. Any of you know anything about the Sony Alpha NEX series still cams? I'm not needing hardcore Canon/Nikon SLR quality. My main concern is light weight & form factor.
  13. I have an older L&B ProTrack set on the SLO jump profile and it works correctly about 95% of the time. It still gives me the freefall alarms even if it registered "deployment" 6000 feet previously, which is nice. I had a Neptune III before and it worked right on the Wingsuit setting. You may want to check the jump type setting on the unit and make sure that it's in a Slow/Wingsuit setting... if it has one. If not, any of the newer audibles should be able to handle wingsuit weirdness pretty reliably.
  14. Woot! Welcome to the flock Jordan!
  15. What's really funny is that they cratered head-to-head. LOL