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  1. My 100% subjective take... Interesting exercise. I've done a fair amount of freeflying in the past so I found that my brain sort of instinctively processed the original from a headdown perspective. But you're right, if you're not used to that sort of orientation, the original may look a little odd. I think you have the right idea in taking everything up to the exit rightside up, then flipping the headdown footage. That way the video is 100% sky->up, ground->down oriented.
  2. That looks very yummy.
  3. base851

    Made my first Wing Suit jump!

    Others can give the specific "whys"... but there's a reason that wingsuiters tend to upsize.... rather than downsize... their canopies. I currently fly a Pilot 150 that has been very good to me on openings. Don't think you'd want to upsize that 230 though. You probably just had a wonky body position at pull time. It's common on early flights.
  4. base851

    Wing span

    Assuming this isn't photoshopped (which I'm guessing it is), my brain is having all kinds of trouble processing something related to parachutes in any sort of NPS posting... well, one that doen't mention massive fines and jailtime anyway. So based on this poster, if you didn't wear a parachute, and landed your wingsuit in a Nation Park... and didn't die... the NPS would be perfectly OK with this. Someone get Jeb on the phone stat!
  5. base851

    Wingsuiting is a hell of a drug

    Don't Bogart that puffy!
  6. base851

    Bird+Plane Dock & Crash

    That's awesome!
  7. Like [url]this[/url]!
  8. 1. Purple Mike 2. Ted Biggs 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.
  9. base851

    New Bird in the flock

    Squeeeeek! That means "heyas!" in flying squirrel!
  10. base851


    My condolences to the fallen jumpers' family & friends. Fly free my brother.
  11. base851

    Phoenix-Fly Coach - Examinors & Training

    So I take it the idea is to try to make instruction more focused by breaking the coaching program into sub-specializations?
  12. base851

    Wingsuit fly-by.

    Nassssty line twists! Way to show that canopy who's in charge!
  13. Awesome idea! Count me in if y'all think I have enough experience by then.