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  1. deadbug

    How much tunnel time do you have?

    The only time I have been in the tunnel was back in 92 or 93, went to a wind tunnel boogie at the pidgeon forge tunnel and got about an hour. Going to tunnel camp in March with my 4-way team out in Denver. Scheduled for 2.5 hours right now but might pick up more. Doug
  2. deadbug

    How wingloading works!

    Do you mean how do I determine my wing loading? If thats your question, take your exit weight (that's your weight + the weight of anything you might be wearing when you leave the plane ie. rig, skid lid, jumpsuit and shoes, you get the picture), devided by the square footage of your canopy. 200lb exit weight 135 square foot main = wing loading of 1.48.
  3. deadbug

    Fair Price?

    About $3500
  4. deadbug

    Viper Canopy?

    I have owned 2 Vipers, a 135 that I bought new and a 120 that I bought on It is a 9 cell elliptical that was made by Atair for Winchester Technologies and sold in the US by Sky Depot. There made out of Goloviner fabric which is very nice to pack compared to the ZP PD uses. I have nothing but good things to say about them. They are very similar to a Stiletto. In the 6 or 700 jumps I put on them I never had to cut one away. They are the ESSENTIALLY the same wing as the Cobalt, with the Cobalt having some slight modifications. They are one of the nicest opening canopies I have ever jumped, and they have more bottom end flair than any non crossbraced canopy I have ever jumped and that includes my current Katana. I jump a Katana now, but the only reason I switched was that I wanted a canopy that had a longer recovery arc. If you can find one in good shape, and you have the skills to fly it you will love it. Doug
  5. deadbug

    Attaching pilote chute's bungee cord??

    Ditch the bungee and order a new colapsable. If you don't want to spend the cash on a new one, ask around your DZ, someone prob has a used one in good shape that they will part with for 30-50 bucks that would work with your main. DA
  6. deadbug

    Leg straps that slip

    Change the legstrap hardware. I had this problem on a Vector 3 Micron that I bought used. Called up Relative Workshop (UPT) and they took care of it free of charge. I wasen't even the original owner. The rig was 5 years old and they still took care of me.
  7. deadbug

    Buying a US rig second hand

    Why fly over? Buy it from one of the many sources of used rigs that are avail via the web. Not every one will sell over seas, but if what your looking for is mainstream, you should be able to find what you want from someone willing to sell across the pond. Blue Skies Doug
  8. deadbug

    Braked approach on final

    Take a canopy class and talk to your local instructors.